Welcome To The Yoga of Being A Woman!


At Tigress Yoga® we provide you with a safe sanctuary space, to move out of your head and into the deep pleasure of your female body, so you can awaken your true feminine power. We show you the steps of how to do it and there are various different classes so you can continue to progress as your level of embodiment increases. Most yoga taught today comes from masculine lineages that don’t address the intricacies of developing feminine essence for women. We teach the intelligent management of a woman’s natural inner resources, from mystical menstruation to deep sexual pleasure to ecstatic birth and beyond. We’re also the first in the world to offer a tantric based yoga practise designed specifically for woman’s body.

Welcome to our unique, sacred feminine embodiment yoga school! 

Tigress Yoga = permission to feel like a sensual woman

Becoming an integrated woman takes courage, education, embodiment & a supportive atmosphere to flourish in. Explore our sensuous, womanly yoga that feels good and nurturing, while you do it! We are here to assist the liberation of your authentic power – your Shakti essence. Be part of a tribe where the freedom of your wild feminine nature and unapologetic self is celebrated.

There are so many results women have been experiencing. Some of the major ones are:

  • deep self nourishment, self esteem & self love
  • expansion of female orgasm & sexual desire
  • re-igniting sexual pleasure in relationship
  • making peace with your feminine nature
  • discovering sensuality as a pathway to presence

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Physical Benefits of Tigress Yoga for women

  • release tension & stress
  • build chi & blood
  • improve blood circulation
  • detoxify & harmonize vital organs
  • open channels (meridians & vessels)
  • gently improve flexibility & strength
  • awaken core muscles (level 2)
  • increase oxytocin (bliss hormone)
  • re-sensitize your feminine body
  • become multi-orgasmic
  • heal sexual ‘dysfunctions’
  • learn to use a jade egg
  • enjoy vaginal sensitivity, dexterity & suppleness
  • increase sexual secretions for vaginal health
  • feel menstrual ease & rejuvenate your reproductive organs
  • increase fertility & prepare for natural childbirth if desired

Psycho-Sexual Benefits of Tigress Yoga for women

  • awaken your true sensuality
  • open the doorway of your heart
  • love the body you are in
  • inhabit your pelvis
  • release sexual trauma in a safe space
  • re-align to your feminine nature
  • awaken your sacred anahatas (breasts)
  • receive the exquisite gifts of a fully alive yoni (vagina)
  • clear limiting belief systems & sexual conditioning
  • increase/harmonize pleasure and sexual desire
  • understand your hormonal cycle and emotions
  • live beyond self doubt, self criticism and self judgement
  • enjoy authentic relating and conscious lovemaking
  • access your unique creativity & find your passion for life
  • receive nurturing support from women’s community
  • fully engage your creative gifts and be the woman of your dreams
  • instinctual wisdom + self love + clear mind = ‘Sensual Intelligence’

Spiritual Benefits of Tigress Yoga for women

  • lift & strengthen your spirit
  • follow your intuition/higher knowing
  • open, clear & re-balance your chakras
  • receive female wisdom teachings for personal wellbeing
  • gain access to your authentic spirituality via your sensuality
  • be a receptive channel for unconditional love in your whole body
  • enjoy stillness and effortless meditation through being fully alive in your body
  • develop a personal, devotional relationship with Shakti (life source)[/EXPAND]