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After many years of private sessions, I found women were bringing the same kind of themes over & over again. And so I created this online course to address those common areas women are seeking empowerment. It also contains what I consider to the be the most essential feminine wisdom for modern women.

The live coaching calls happen in an intimate circle of women, where you can get personalised coaching from me on the group call. The downloadable modules allow you can keep coming back to the rich content after the live coaching is over – you get ongoing access to this audio, video & pdf content.

I come from a background in mystical feminine wisdom, somatic psychology & a fusion of eastern-western approaches to holistic sexuality. I am among the most experienced Sacred Feminine guides in Australia and have 18yrs experience as a confidante, guide, facilitator & teacher.

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My experience of working with Dévashi was very different from previous styles of mentoring / coaching and this was exactly what I was looking for. A kind, compassionate and truly feminine approach to better understanding myself and the energy patterns that had been holding me back from achieving love and happiness in my life. Without a doubt working with Dévashi has contributed to greater love and nurturing of myself and also helped me attract a wonderful and loving relationship into my life”. – Wellness Coach & Business Owner, Sydney

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alina-randall-1When I came to see Dévashi, I already had a foundation of feminine and Tantric practices, but my life was displaying a clear lack of feminine nourishment. My relationship, although happy on the surface felt spiritually strained and my business and creative life was stagnant and out of whack. Basically, it felt like I couldn’t catch a break! Thus, I was seeking to reclaim the long-lost essence that was so familiar to me all those years ago – but this time around, older and wiser I was shocked to discover that I didn’t have the right tools. Based on my experience, I am very discerning with my spiritual teachers. Thankfully in Dévashi, I saw a wisdom, authenticity and regality that has proved it self true time and time again during our work together. She really does carry a higher frequency and space that I wanted to be a part of and guided by – and I am so glad I did. No matter what my concern was, it was always tied back to the way I related to my power, and Dévashi had a way of explaining and helping me embody the teachings in a practical, confident and relatable way. As a result, I am so much more aware of my true essence, my energy and power. It feels amazing to know who I am, both as a teacher, a woman and a partner. I also have some very practical tools to manage situations that may arise with ease and grace (seriously!). These sessions taught me how simple and rare true female embodiment is and have been the portal to waking up even more insight in me that has been previously unexplored and unknown. I would recommend the work to any woman who wants to explore her feminine mysteries and shine a light for others during this exciting next human evolution phase.

– Alina, 30, Coach, Blogger & Copywriter



* Orientation module with preparation content

* 10 modules of potent essential feminine wisdom content – information, embodiment practises & activity sheets

* an community of women to journey with & learn from

* Dévashi’s unique expertise as an international leader in female psycho-sexual development



I just wanted to send you a great big hug for the gifts you have given me through this online course. WOW! what a journey that was – and continues to be for me. Some of the modules bought me amazing clarity about what it is to be a woman in these incredible times and within this culture. Other modules where just plain INTENSE as I journeyed through my connection with my upbringing and what that meant in terms of my relationship with myself. I was able to go at my own pace through these modules and the online community you have created was always there for support. There’s so, so much in this material that even now, six weeks after finishing the course material, I revisit the modules regularly. Today, I am much more centred within myself and yet I remain connected to something greater than me in a way that it difficult to put into words but the feeling is always with me.  I just know that I am safe – truly safe no matter what is swirling around me – and that’s the ultimate bliss! Friends who have known me for years have asked what I have been doing.  They say it’s like a light has gone on inside my body and shines out through my eyes. ~ Karen, 49, Senior Practitioner – Child Protection & Disability Services, Brisbane.


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“I originally signed up for Dévashi’s online course to get a better understanding of my feminine flow, in particular how my cycles could work for me & not against me… and I did!!
What blew me away was the content in relation to things I thought I already had a pretty good handle on… such as sisterhood.

Through working through the content I had some amazing realisations on where a fear I had stemmed from & how to go about healing those old wounds.
I’d say the results of processing these emotions were instantaneous. My friendships with women changed overnight. I’m open to receiving from women, and that had even shown up in the form of spontaneous gifts.
Sisterhood is so precious, I’m so happy I’ve got a second chance at creating those relationships again. Thank you from my ever grateful heart. 
– Kara Bliss, 41, Intelligence Analyst & Tigress Yoga Instructor, Gold Coast



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