Dévashi travels to share Tigress Yoga with the world and is the embodiment artist behind Tigress Yoga. She has extensive experience in Eastern and Western approaches to holistic sexuality, and has enjoyed a life long focus on mystical feminine arts. She is a devotee of the Sacred Feminine and an Initiatress to both men and women in spiritual-sexuality. Dévashi has a background as a Tantric Guide [EXPAND Read more…]with many years experience as a therapist/ confidante. She has a big vision for making the embodiment education of Tigress Yoga available to women worldwide, while always deepening in her own life at the same time. Her personal explorations have involved deep spiritual sadhana, professional trainings and other renegade activities to explore her own erotic edges. To know more about Dévashi keep reading here…..

I love everything about this intense path I’ve been on to infuse specific spiritual-sexual wisdom teachings for women into this female yoga form. Where I depart from other Tantra teachers is my focus on feminine instinctual wisdom, grounded psycho-biology, chi theory & knowledge of how the human nervous system works for optimal integration. Tigress Yoga was gifted to me & is my gift to you – loving, sanctuary environments where you can go to generate and embody your Sacred Feminine energy. It’s very real and exposure to it will re-orientate you in your life. I’m fiercely devoted to Shakti wisdom + to mystical feminine teachings being available to women of any age. May it bring you a life of embodied love, pleasure & joy, while bringing you closer to your unique feminine magic. [/EXPAND]

Dévashi Shakti is an international leader in feminine psycho-sexual development and practical Sacred Feminine wisdom. She has 18yrs experience as a practitioner, confidante and teacher. In her private practise, Dévashi has assisted thousands of women & men to experience awakening of their internal energy, in connection with their heart and spirit. She’s passionate about providing sanctuary spaces for women to learn about their sensuality and sexuality in safe environments, without the ambiguous dynamics often found in the tantric world. Tigress Yoga is the first in the world to offer a tantric based yoga practise designed specifically for woman’s body. Currently Dévashi is doing a PhD in Somatic Psychology, documenting the effectiveness of Tigress Yoga.