Authentic Black/ Dark Green Australian Jade Egg

This unique jade egg comes with:

  • a black velvet pouch
  • a digital pdf that tells you about this ancient practise with its modern applications
  • the basic care instructions
  • large size – very effective for beginners

AUD$65 + shipping

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These Nephrite Jade Eggs are sourced from an Australian mine that does not exploit the workers. The eggs are not drilled and so retain their wholeness. (The only reason you need a jade egg drilled is for advanced practises, which does take a few years to build up to, depending how often you do it). The dark green/black colour and natural markings will vary slightly with each egg, as they are each uniquely made by Mother Earth over millions of years. This size /shape also varies slightly.

Postage within Australia $10. Postage outside of Australia $20.
For obvious reasons we can’t do refund or exchange on the eggs!