Frequently Asked Questions about Tigress Yoga


Below are some of the questions that students have asked us about Tigress Yoga.
If you have more, please contact us via email here!

What should I wear to class?

Comfortable clothes with natural fibres are best and we don’t recommend underwire bras, padded bras or restrictive sports tops. We invite you to leave some jewellery on (if it’s comfortable) and keep your hair down to enhance your experience of feminine yoga. Be yourself. Bring a shawl or blanket in the colder months to keep warm.


Which event should I sign up to first?

It is up to you whether you want to firstly attend a workshop, a casual open class or jump right into a class series. We highly recommend to begin with the Gentle class series to get a good foundation in what Tigress Yoga can teach you about yourself. Gentle classes are an ideal starting point, even for women with prior yoga or tantric experience. They are also great for those who want a more meditative class. The Dynamic class series is more physically engaging, more vigorous and……dynamic!


I have some injuries, is it OK for me to still practice Tigress Yoga™ for women?

Please inform us before the event begins so we can address this for you. Tigress Yoga classes are like a guided journey into your feminine body, without stopping for questions along the way. With the way we move and utilize breath etc, you will see it is virtually impossible to hurt yourself. We do however ask you to take responsibility for what you experience, which is part of our philosophy. If there is anything you are concerned about re injuries or physical conditions that require more attention, make sure you listen closely to the instructions and ask for support before the class begins. If you have an special requirements, please bring your own cushions etc for your comfort. It is also ok to do some of the practice on a chair if need be.


I haven’t done much yoga before & I’m not very flexible. Is that OK?

Yes! The way we practice will gently help your body to open and the womanly friendly movements will inspire you to become more flexible in time. With class series you may like to stay at Gentle Level 1 classes before moving onto Dynamic Level 1 classes if you are at all concerned about your body’s capacity for flexibility or fitness. Workshops and tasters are sometimes a combination of both gentle and dynamic approaches. Ask your instructor if you are not sure about moving to the next stage.


What if I’m menstruating?

We encourage you to attend in menstruation time, if possible. We will explain to you the unique way we work with this, just make sure to tell your teacher before the event begins. There is a specific Tigress Yoga™ menstrual practice; however in group events, we encourage you to do what you can with some modifications, making sure to rest whenever you need to. If you are due to attend a class in the first few days of menstruation, you probably won’t feel capable of following the entire practice, so are very welcome to just be in the room to receive the nourishing yin energy found in the group of women practicing together. Take this time to deeply listen to what your body and your moontime wants to reveal to you – many insights can arise.


I’m pregnant. Can I still participate?

Please ask and let us know your situation. It is generally not recommended to practice yoga in the first trimester of pregnancy. There is a specific Tigress Yoga™ Pre-Natal practice. We sometimes allow pregnant women who already have a high level of comfort and experience with body movement attend our general classes, however that is with the understanding you need to guide yourself.


There seems to be a lot of young women in Tigress Yoga. I’m over 50 – is this still suitable for me?

Yes of course. The ages of women who have been enjoying Tigress Yoga range from 17 to 70+

And we now have Instructors who are aged 55+ who prefer to work with mature aged women. Most people choose classes most convenient to their home. If you would like to attend classes with women who are likely to be of your age group, we recommend Nisha who is in suburban Melbourne. Dévashi, the Founder has also worked intensively with women over 50 for many years, assisting them to feel supported in learning feminine arts with great success. It is very healing to have a good range of ages in Tigress Yoga classes.


Why do we make sounds in Tigress Yoga? Isn’t yoga meant to be silent?

Welcome to the Tigress way! Uncovering our authentic expression is one of the greatest gifts of this approach. It is something that will continue to expand your expression outside of classes too. At first your sound is to externalise all that goes on in your mind, emotions and body so you can relax and let it all go. At first it is normal to feel self conscious about your sounds, but that will change as you stop judging yourself and start giving yourself more freedom to be authentic. Sounds don’t need to be loud, it’s just about allowing your authentic expression.

Keeping everything internalised is a big part of why women feel contracted, tense, stuck in their minds and depressed etc. Expressing your sound is also going to wake up your orgasmic energy. By practicing what it is to meet your own wild instinctual nature during classes, you will more easily be able to access this depth of your feminine nature outside of class eg. during intimacy. Students frequently report beautiful stories of deeper connection and more pleasure in sex, by bringing this awareness and embodiment into their sexual lives. When it starts to feel normal to let yourself be free with your sounds, know that you have achieved a detoxification of your negative mind & emotions. The effects you will feel in your body speak for themselves.

Sound is considered very powerful in traditional yoga and in shamanic practices. Often women can be pretty comfortable with controlled chanting, but when it comes to expressing authentic sound, it’s another story…….so use these classes to explore your true sounds and watch what happens in your body when you allow Her to speak through you.


I feel uncomfortable in the group. Aren’t they all judging me? Why practice with other women?

If you are feeling this, it indicates that you are yet to experience the magic of deep women’s space, so please continue through this resistance, because it will change. There is so much to be learnt by experiencing yourself in a women only environment, exploring deep feminine arts. In fact, you won’t learn these important life skills outside of this realm, so don’t give up. If you feel that you are being judged, it is simply your externalised judgement of yourself. Truly. The feeling of being separate to everyone else is a condition of having all your focus in your mind. We’ve all been there.

As soon as you place more attention on your own deeper heart and bodily sensations, you will be transported to the infinitely beautiful world inside of you. If you feel frustrated, express frustration with your sound. If you feel ashamed, express that with your sound. Whatever is there, listen to it and follow it, so you can let it go. It means getting really honest with yourself. It will challenge who you think you are in moments and this is good. Know that everyone else is going through the same thing and take your focus off everyone else so you can use the time to be with yourself. Give it a try, gently and gradually as you go throughout a class series. This is why we encourage you to cry if you need to cry & to howl if you need to howl. This is the process of integrating your wild instinctual feminine nature. Don’t go one more day without knowing yourself in this way – it will change your life in wonderful ways. You will be able to let go of judging yourself and judging other women, which then leaves you free to enjoy more empowering friendships that nourish you instead of deplete you with jealousy, fear, comparison and competition. And it makes more room for appreciating yourself, which is a process of emotional maturity – moving from girl to woman in your psyche.


I don’t live in Australia. How can I get access to Tigress Yoga for myself?

And how can I become an instructor?

Class series are currently being offered only in Australia. We do however intend to expand into a global community, with Instructors qualified to teach in various countries. If you live outside Australia and feel the call to join our teaching team, you will need to have been participating as a student first before applying for training. You can start with a skype session, get immersed in online classes, travel to experience Tigress Yoga + then be part of bringing Tigress Yoga to your country. We want at least one woman from a new country to make the journey over to us so you can firstly be a student. Instructor trainings will also be offered outside Australia when there enough students there ready for Instructor training. Personal integration and embodiment of this form is essential to becoming an Instructor.


Why do I need prior experience to attend the more intensive events or training?

The benefits of Tigress Yoga are accumulative over time. It is literally re-arranging your nervous system in a particular way, which is what governs how you think and feel eg. our ability to be responsible for our own emotions, to communicate with emotional maturity, to hold a safe container for ourselves even when difficulty arises + to hold higher frequencies of energy through awakening of Kundalini Shakti. It is part of the Tigress Yoga philosophy to take things slow, so you can focus on stabilising changes, rather than trying to get it all done as quickly as you can – simply because that approach doesn’t work – as it’s from the mind, not the body. Tigress Yoga is built on a solid foundation of attention to what our ‘animal body’ or our somatic experience needs, to sustain the amazing transformations that can occur as a result of Tigress Yoga. Further experience before attending more intensive events is not only a way to be kinder to yourself; it’s also about being in resonance with the community and the teachers. As human animals, we are biologically hard-wired to feel safe through being more familiar with each other. Safety is paramount in authentic opening of the feminine body. This guideline is also in place to serve those who have been attending classes for a while, and who are ready to go deeper. To have events where we don’t need to explain the basics gives more opportunity for experienced students to progress in their feminine embodiment, in the group space. In some cases this guideline can be negotiable, however there is no rush. ‘The slower you go, the deeper the work’ – this is from ancient Taoist wisdom + Dévashi has consistently found it to be true in her many years of teaching. It is normal for people in the West to be at odds with this teaching at first, because we live in such a fast-paced society, where we are accustomed to getting what we think we want immediately.


I want to practice at home. Can I get a manual with all the movements? 

We don’t have a manual available to students  – but online classes are coming soon.


I’m feeling tired & burnt out. What if I don’t feel like coming to class?

At some point in a series of classes, you will probably feel resistance to continuing with your course – this is a common feeling because of the alchemical process you are in. It often happens around week 3 of a class series, so pay attention to that and ask yourself why the resistance is really there. Often it can occur when you are on the edge of a new transformation. We warmly welcome you to attend anyway – the group energy will hold you so you can receive, regenerate and let go much more than what you might be able to alone.


I didn’t realise how confronting this would be for me. How do I handle it?

Tigress Yoga is designed to help you open what has been closed & to breathe life into what has been dormant, so expect that you will be in transformation. This practice does involve inner dynamics and is not intended to be just a movement practice; so if you are feeling a lot that is great!

If feeling deeper aspects of your feminine energy is a new experience and you feel challenged, ask your teacher for support and/or book a personal session with Devashi Shakti (Founder) to assist you in addressing any difficulties or concerns – she is sometimes available via skype. We understand and are here to support you 🙂


I’m a yoga teacher already. Can I take parts of Tigress Yoga into my classes or into my work as a healing practitioner?

No. Tigress Yoga is trademarked in its combination of method, sequences and concept. If you enjoy Tigress Yoga, the best way to show your gratitude is to respect the legal boundaries in place, so this community can flourish worldwide with its uniqueness intact. With a minimum of 12-8 months of participation experience, you can apply for Tigress Yoga Teacher Training program. Intensive training and personal experience really IS required to responsibly share this depth of work with people + to honour the tradition that Tigress Yoga has created over many years of research and practical application. Go here for further info re training.


Is there a version of Tigress Yoga for girls/ younger women?

Yes, it is coming. Many of the current Instructors feel called to offer this service, so it’s something we are developing. If you have daughters or know of young women who may like to be involved in a case study, please let us know.


Why is Tigress Yoga gender specific?

For those who haven’t looked into it, Tigress Yoga is a womanly yoga form based on female physiology, female psychology and female spirituality. Women who enjoy Tigress Yoga are of varied sexual preferences – our focus is on the cultivation of woman’s vitality. We celebrate sexual diversity + we are all about authenticity and embodiment, so we feel it’s inappropriate to be offering our services to transgender/ transexual people when we don’t have the specialised skills and training to do so. We have also experimented with this before and found that women were uncomfortable with a male presence in the circle. It is important that the safety of the women who come to our events is paramount – considering the large percentage of women who have experienced trauma and abuse from men/ male energy who come to us for healing, we must consider the needs of these women as a priority.