Primal Mama: Transformation Through Birth

Imagine this!   A space that is warm and cosy.   The lighting dim and dappled. Atmosphere intimate, expectant. Cushions, bolsters and thick carpet transforming the space into a padded den.   The air oxytocin-drenched. Your breath compellingly deep. Your sounds low and unbridled.   There’s full encouragement here to tap into your sensuality: air brushing against your skin; the slinkiness of your hair falling across your face; textures of fabrics on you and around you; the scents, the sounds; the swaying and spiralling of your magnificent pregnant body in gentle, comforting movements.   Revel here in a sense of […] Read more »

Wild Woman.

photo from Pinterest   Wild Woman exists BEYOND the matrix. She absolutely does. She is natural, free, of herself & of nature, not of the ‘world’.   Wild Woman does not exist BECAUSE of the matrix. Her wildness is not primarily about being at response to the illusions of the world. She just IS. She’s part of nature. She IS nature. The most true essence of her expression is from her natural sovereignty, her Source connected state, regardless of what the matrix is spinning.   Why is it important for us women to define the energies moving through us? The […] Read more »


It’s great that so many women are wanting to get their gifts out into the world & that there is a rising desire in women for business success. What I’ve found from my adventure into creating something of value in the world, is that real success starts at home. I say this especially from the level that I’m moving into now, where often the main focus in masterminds with already successful women is deep self-care & lifestyle re-design. Yet often that self care focus doesn’t include how to access the full presence of what animates her & where her power […] Read more »

Orgasmic Birth Interview

The world has a long way to go to embrace what we as women are naturally capable of in our full glory. When a woman doesn’t feel safe to be relaxed and open in her feminine nature, the reality of orgasmic birth can seem impossible. And yet, this is the #1 way we can transform ourselves and the world. Many women have experienced orgasm in birth but it’s not spoken of often because of the backlash that happens, when it’s expressed that birth can be pleasurable. The reactions range from: conditioned religious programming that says birth is meant to be […] Read more »

Tigress For Girls

  Since I first started training instructors to teach Tigress Yoga with me, back in 2011, we have been active in developing a version of Tigress Yoga for girls. Women trained as instructors who have been most passionate about wanting to see this sacred female yoga in an appropriate format for younger women have helped in the development of this special project. Those who’ve known me for a while understand how close to my heart it is to provide embodiment education for girls and young women. To support girls through the common issues around body shame, menstrual shame, sexual decision […] Read more »

What They Didn’t Teach You About Being A Woman

    Most new women who come to Tigress Yoga feel confronted by the primal expression invited in this feminine yoga form. It shows how much we’re taught to be afraid of our own nature. Laughing, embarrassed looks and judgements of women free in their expression is what can happen during the first class for some women. Those students are in more of a girl psychology, before being initiated into a more mature woman psychology. They find it weird that women are comfortable expressing their primal nature, simply because their education so far about being female is limited to what […] Read more »

Feminine Cosmos With Peruquois

‘Voice of Authentic Woman’, Peruquois, is a leading contributor to the global realisation of Sacred Feminine consciousness on our planet at this time. She travels the world offering her teachings through her music, lyrics and potent women’s workshops. In live Tigress Yoga classes we are often playing Peruquois’s music, as it holds the vibration of entering into the feminine body. I’ve had the pleasure & privilege of knowing Peruquois when she previously lived in Melbourne and offered women’s workshops regularly in Australia. I’ve been enjoying Peru’s initiatory presence since about 2003. Here in this video interview I open up a conversation […] Read more »

The Sexually Sovereign Woman

At this 2016 Seven Sisters Festival in Australia, I gave a presentation called, ‘The Sexually Sovereign Woman.’ Could I have picked a more complex subject than female sexual sovereignty?! I did however share it in a simplified way, highlighting a few things that are important to know… It’s impossible to speak of our personal autonomy or claiming our full sexual sovereignty as women, without also looking at the domestication of our wildness. Much of those facts have been forgotten and some of them are rather confronting. I began this live presentation saying that hearing some of it could feel disturbing. And […] Read more »

True Feminism

It’s amazing to me to find out how many women & men think feminism/ women’s empowerment is somehow about being against men. Today, patriarchy does NOT = men It’s a sickness of disconnection, without intention for love or respect for Life itself. It’s the system of control & ignorance. Men are suffering from the effects of about 10,000 years of patriarchy too – the massive increase in male suicide is some proof of this. Respect for the Feminine is something that can only happen worldwide when we stand TOGETHER. Feminism has made really important & necessary changes happen. And there […] Read more »

International Women’s Day

Women who stand up and say no to patriarchy have been stoned to death, burned alive, drowned & then there were the phases of the strong, courageous women being rounded up, tortured and brutally killed to remove them from the gene pool. 9 million European women – more than the Nazi Holocaust – but no one talks about that much. This oppression of women allowed more control over everyone so we could be domesticated as more compliant slaves to a corrupt system & consciousness that has played its domination game on planet Earth for a looong time now. It’s not […] Read more »