Initiating Men with your Self Respect

Do you identify with being a conscious or evolved woman? If so, you’ve probably seen the enormous amount of articles and social media posts from all over the world about what women are asking men to understand and ‘step up’ to. Although this may be warranted in some ways, it also reveals a collective feminine shadow that I want to highlight here. There really is something many ‘evolved women’ are missing. I have seen it in my students, friends and also in myself – until I realised this really important thing. And you’ve likely seen the metaphysical teaching that you […] Read more »

Modern Woman Insanity

We say female genital mutilation in Africa is barbaric and shouldn’t be happening. We as western women celebrate when they win the right to say no & not keep passing that awful tradition down to their daughters.  We think we have so much freedom because it appears no one is telling us what must happen to our bodies. Meanwhile so many are voluntarily having their own labia surgically cut off for cosmetic reasons & spending large amounts of hard earned money for that liberated privilege of resembling images of photoshopped porn stars. What is worse? When that tyrannical voice is running […] Read more »

Beyond False Feminine Power

  (photo found on pinterest) We all have seen this. Women who look the part of being female yet who simply aren’t exuding actual feminine energy. Walking through a city I see hundreds of women who are projecting a ‘here’s my middle finger’ type of look on their faces. I’ve done it before and if you are a woman reading this, odds are you have too. And when a woman is living in this way, she often aspires to be ‘hard as nails’, someone ‘who doesn’t take any shit’. Many women believe this to be essential for success. These are […] Read more »

Stop Being In Relationship With His Potential

image from Huffington Post Have you ever found yourself in a cycle of really wanting to have your partner step up, but no matter how hard you try, he just…. doesn’t? So many women are caught up expending their energy in this relentless situation. You try to be as conscious and as expressive as you can in your relationship until the point of exhaustion. You really believe you are doing your very best, because you’ve applied the personal development tools and spiritual principles you have learnt about. And still the maddening situation continues. I’ve had a lot of experience finding […] Read more »

Sensual Goddess Time

Recently I had the opportunity to see Marianne Williamson speak live in Brisbane. One of the many gems of wisdom she shared was about the need for women to have ‘Goddess Time.’ Specifically 30 minutes of Goddess Time at the end of the day, as a transition after work. She shared this from her own explorations of learning about relationship, and it’s actually from one of her teachers, Pat Allen. I’ve added to this the title of ‘Sensual Goddess Time’, to spell out the flavour of how to use this time for optimal results. Whether you are a busy woman […] Read more »

An Intimate Love Affair – with rope.

I encourage women from the Tigress community to share their stories from exploring their own erotic lives. Here’s an anonymous sharing for you here: “I will always remember the first time. There was two sides to the coin. I met it with such excitement and anticipation. There was also a deep calm inside that indicated to me how right it felt. How much I wanted IT. How much I was aching to fully let go and receive. Sunshine beaming down. I’d slightly open my eyes and be met with gum tree leaves and a blanket of blue from the clear […] Read more »

Soul Level Relating

  From the start of my teenage and young adult and years, I did not understand the dishonesty of how most humans do relationship. Before I ever heard the word polyamory for the first time, it was already my reality. Questioning the norm felt vital to me, as I didn’t see many examples of relationships that were inspiring to me. I remember when I first met a community with teachings around various relating styles – the secret fear of “maybe I’m just a bit crazy” dissolved, when I realised I was not alone. Having lived radical relating and been surrounded […] Read more »

Women’s Bodies – Porn or Not?

Can you tell the difference when a woman has crafted her outer self image on what is appealing to her Vs what is appealing to the ideal of beauty she thinks she’s supposed to look like? More importantly, do YOU know the difference within yourself? There is discussion going on for some women about what female empowerment looks like. Some feminists fiercely oppose make-up and certain clothes in order to claim their natural beauty of being female. Some other feminist women refuse to bend to outer standards of ideal beauty and at the same time refuse to allow the porn-like […] Read more »

Men, We Need You!

I had a telling conversation with a young man recently. He said “So where do men fit into the picture of what you teach to women?” and “how do you stay balanced when focusing on teaching only half of the population?”I was intrigued by the sign of anguish I saw in his expression, quickly realising he had some prior bad experience and sensed he was trying to place my position as a woman & as a teacher who guides other women. I explained that men greatly benefit from the energy women cultivate in Tigress Yoga, and that men made up […] Read more »

More Grace, Less Drama

We absolutely have the power of feeling in abundance as women. Rather than see our feelings as a hinderance to choices in life or in business, we can learn to optimise this goddess-given power. We women are thrown around by our emotions a lot in life. Some are suppressed, manipulated, medicated and the list goes on. You can probably trace how you deal with your feelings back to the cause behind pretty much everything you kinda regret about your life. Relationships break down, heaviness sets in, dis-ease can form and we learn to distrust our own feelings – which is […] Read more »