The Sexually Sovereign Woman

At this 2016 Seven Sisters Festival in Australia, I gave a presentation called, ‘The Sexually Sovereign Woman.’ Could I have picked a more complex subject than female sexual sovereignty?! I did however share it in a simplified way, highlighting a few things that are important to know… It’s impossible to speak of our personal autonomy or claiming our full sexual sovereignty as women, without also looking at the domestication of our wildness. Much of those facts have been forgotten and some of them are rather confronting. I began this live presentation saying that hearing some of it could feel disturbing. And […] Read more »

An Intimate Love Affair – with rope.

I encourage women from the Tigress community to share their stories from exploring their own erotic lives. Here’s an anonymous sharing for you here: “I will always remember the first time. There was two sides to the coin. I met it with such excitement and anticipation. There was also a deep calm inside that indicated to me how right it felt. How much I wanted IT. How much I was aching to fully let go and receive. Sunshine beaming down. I’d slightly open my eyes and be met with gum tree leaves and a blanket of blue from the clear […] Read more »

Soul Level Relating

  From the start of my teenage and young adult and years, I did not understand the dishonesty of how most humans do relationship. Before I ever heard the word polyamory for the first time, it was already my reality. Questioning the norm felt vital to me, as I didn’t see many examples of relationships that were inspiring to me. I remember when I first met a community with teachings around various relating styles – the secret fear of “maybe I’m just a bit crazy” dissolved, when I realised I was not alone. Having lived radical relating and been surrounded […] Read more »

Falling Into Love Itself

You are not my everything. And I cannot be your everything either. I don’t want that kind of pressure, and neither do you. by truly loving me – staying attuned to my own vulnerabilities, instead of feeling victim to or criticising yours, as we open our hearts into Love itself, together. Maybe in this wild loving friendship, a true and real, deep partnership will emerge – one where mutual appreciation births our own internal standards & compass, because our shared path begins from within, rather than being moulded by conformity. I understand that my wholeness is a space that only […] Read more »

To Vibrate Or Not To Vibrate – that is the question

a scene from the film, ‘Hysteria’ The film ‘Hysteria’ is one of my all-time favourite movies, for reasons beyond it being known to tell the story of the first invention of the vibrator. I highly recommend seeing it if you haven’t already. It is written, directed & produced by women. It contains sophisticated levels of important themes and didn’t at all get the credit it deserved as a big budget film. What I love most is how it conveys that true pleasure or fulfilment for a woman is found in being desired for the embodiment of her liberated soul. And […] Read more »

Desire = Identity

Desire. Why is it important? (aside from the obvious) What we desire as women, and where we desire from defines the circumstances of our lives. How we feel about ourselves and our lives has a very strong connection with our desire. What we say yes to is a statement of what we are willing to accept, of what we want and desire for ourselves. It’s a statement to others of who we are and an indication of who we think we are. It is said that the female psyche is externally motivated. It means the need for external validation is a […] Read more »

How Tigress Yoga Introduced Me To The Most Amazing Man I Have Ever Met

Written by Tigress Yoga Level 1 Instructor, Kelly Henderson Tigress Yoga introduced me to the most amazing man I’ve ever met. The crazy part was we had already been in a relationship for 5 years and I was ready to call it quits. Before I came to Tigress Yoga I had decided to leave my relationship of 5 yrs. I was depressed, completely disconnected from my body and completely disconnected from this man that I had once loved. I was looking at 1 bedroom apartments to rent, ready to start a new life. I felt sure that it was my […] Read more »

How Do We Create Secure Attachment?

image from Huffington Post Firstly, what does Secure Attachment mean? And why create it when attachment has been given such a bad rap in spiritual theory? In adult relationships, secure attachment refers to healthy bonding and is considered the ideal for successful intimate relating. However, interpretation of eastern philosophy tell us that attachment is not spiritual and we need to let it go to be evolved. Once again, the linearity of western thought with emphasis on masculine transcendence has dominated us with a patriarchal spirituality. It’s disconnected us from authentic feelings, from our bodies, from the Earth, from the Feminine and […] Read more »

The Fires and Waters of Desire & Intimacy

from You can feel in your body that the arousal of desire has a heat to it, it’s the movement of fire inside of us – the flames of passionate desire for hot, sweaty, instinctual sexuality that makes us feel ALIVE. And you can probably also feel how the calm waters inside the intimate bonds of emotional closeness, allow us to relax deeply into a precious vulnerability that opens a deep feeling of SAFETY & containment. What everyone really wants is to feel both, yet in relationship sexual desire is most often what gets sacrificed, in favour of emotional […] Read more »