Wild Woman.

photo from Pinterest   Wild Woman exists BEYOND the matrix. She absolutely does. She is natural, free, of herself & of nature, not of the ‘world’.   Wild Woman does not exist BECAUSE of the matrix. Her wildness is not primarily about being at response to the illusions of the world. She just IS. She’s part of nature. She IS nature. The most true essence of her expression is from her natural sovereignty, her Source connected state, regardless of what the matrix is spinning.   Why is it important for us women to define the energies moving through us? The […] Read more »

True Feminism

It’s amazing to me to find out how many women & men think feminism/ women’s empowerment is somehow about being against men. Today, patriarchy does NOT = men It’s a sickness of disconnection, without intention for love or respect for Life itself. It’s the system of control & ignorance. Men are suffering from the effects of about 10,000 years of patriarchy too – the massive increase in male suicide is some proof of this. Respect for the Feminine is something that can only happen worldwide when we stand TOGETHER. Feminism has made really important & necessary changes happen. And there […] Read more »

International Women’s Day

Women who stand up and say no to patriarchy have been stoned to death, burned alive, drowned & then there were the phases of the strong, courageous women being rounded up, tortured and brutally killed to remove them from the gene pool. 9 million European women – more than the Nazi Holocaust – but no one talks about that much. This oppression of women allowed more control over everyone so we could be domesticated as more compliant slaves to a corrupt system & consciousness that has played its domination game on planet Earth for a looong time now. It’s not […] Read more »

Initiating Men with your Self Respect

Do you identify with being a conscious or evolved woman? If so, you’ve probably seen the enormous amount of articles and social media posts from all over the world about what women are asking men to understand and ‘step up’ to. Although this may be warranted in some ways, it also reveals a collective feminine shadow that I want to highlight here. There really is something many ‘evolved women’ are missing. I have seen it in my students, friends and also in myself – until I realised this really important thing. And you’ve likely seen the metaphysical teaching that you […] Read more »

Modern Woman Insanity

We say female genital mutilation in Africa is barbaric and shouldn’t be happening. We as western women celebrate when they win the right to say no & not keep passing that awful tradition down to their daughters.  We think we have so much freedom because it appears no one is telling us what must happen to our bodies. Meanwhile so many are voluntarily having their own labia surgically cut off for cosmetic reasons & spending large amounts of hard earned money for that liberated privilege of resembling images of photoshopped porn stars. What is worse? When that tyrannical voice is running […] Read more »

Stop Being In Relationship With His Potential

image from Huffington Post Have you ever found yourself in a cycle of really wanting to have your partner step up, but no matter how hard you try, he just…. doesn’t? So many women are caught up expending their energy in this relentless situation. You try to be as conscious and as expressive as you can in your relationship until the point of exhaustion. You really believe you are doing your very best, because you’ve applied the personal development tools and spiritual principles you have learnt about. And still the maddening situation continues. I’ve had a lot of experience finding […] Read more »

Owning Your Value

image from Pinterest There are so many moments and times in our lives when commitment to ourselves (or not) is something that rules us, whether we like it or not. On a personal level it’s often formed in silent conversations with ourselves that no one else even knows about. If you are finding that what you long for is difficult to get off the ground, keep reading. If there is a long time between conceiving an idea and having it manifest; then it’s likely you don’t have a sufficient amount of personal power. When we keep our agreements to ourselves, […] Read more »