It’s great that so many women are wanting to get their gifts out into the world & that there is a rising desire in women for business success. What I’ve found from my adventure into creating something of value in the world, is that real success starts at home. I say this especially from the level that I’m moving into now, where often the main focus in masterminds with already successful women is deep self-care & lifestyle re-design. Yet often that self care focus doesn’t include how to access the full presence of what animates her & where her power […] Read more »

What They Didn’t Teach You About Being A Woman

    Most new women who come to Tigress Yoga feel confronted by the primal expression invited in this feminine yoga form. It shows how much we’re taught to be afraid of our own nature. Laughing, embarrassed looks and judgements of women free in their expression is what can happen during the first class for some women. Those students are in more of a girl psychology, before being initiated into a more mature woman psychology. They find it weird that women are comfortable expressing their primal nature, simply because their education so far about being female is limited to what […] Read more »

Feminine Cosmos With Peruquois

‘Voice of Authentic Woman’, Peruquois, is a leading contributor to the global realisation of Sacred Feminine consciousness on our planet at this time. She travels the world offering her teachings through her music, lyrics and potent women’s workshops. In live Tigress Yoga classes we are often playing Peruquois’s music, as it holds the vibration of entering into the feminine body. I’ve had the pleasure & privilege of knowing Peruquois when she previously lived in Melbourne and offered women’s workshops regularly in Australia. I’ve been enjoying Peru’s initiatory presence since about 2003. Here in this video interview I open up a conversation […] Read more »

Beyond False Feminine Power

  (photo found on pinterest) We all have seen this. Women who look the part of being female yet who simply aren’t exuding actual feminine energy. Walking through a city I see hundreds of women who are projecting a ‘here’s my middle finger’ type of look on their faces. I’ve done it before and if you are a woman reading this, odds are you have too. And when a woman is living in this way, she often aspires to be ‘hard as nails’, someone ‘who doesn’t take any shit’. Many women believe this to be essential for success. These are […] Read more »

Sensual Goddess Time

Recently I had the opportunity to see Marianne Williamson speak live in Brisbane. One of the many gems of wisdom she shared was about the need for women to have ‘Goddess Time.’ Specifically 30 minutes of Goddess Time at the end of the day, as a transition after work. She shared this from her own explorations of learning about relationship, and it’s actually from one of her teachers, Pat Allen. I’ve added to this the title of ‘Sensual Goddess Time’, to spell out the flavour of how to use this time for optimal results. Whether you are a busy woman […] Read more »

Women’s Bodies – Porn or Not?

Can you tell the difference when a woman has crafted her outer self image on what is appealing to her Vs what is appealing to the ideal of beauty she thinks she’s supposed to look like? More importantly, do YOU know the difference within yourself? There is discussion going on for some women about what female empowerment looks like. Some feminists fiercely oppose make-up and certain clothes in order to claim their natural beauty of being female. Some other feminist women refuse to bend to outer standards of ideal beauty and at the same time refuse to allow the porn-like […] Read more »

More Grace, Less Drama

We absolutely have the power of feeling in abundance as women. Rather than see our feelings as a hinderance to choices in life or in business, we can learn to optimise this goddess-given power. We women are thrown around by our emotions a lot in life. Some are suppressed, manipulated, medicated and the list goes on. You can probably trace how you deal with your feelings back to the cause behind pretty much everything you kinda regret about your life. Relationships break down, heaviness sets in, dis-ease can form and we learn to distrust our own feelings – which is […] Read more »

The Gift Of Jealousy

  Here I will share with you my #1 tip to transform your jealousy, a handy thing indeed! We all know this feeling as women – jealousy – not such a pleasant emotion to feel! It can show up as a hot or sharp bodily sensation followed by negative thoughts that make you and probably other people feel terrible too. Rather than overriding it by pretending it’s not happening or wishing it were different, there is another way. It’s truly effective AND it will bring you closer to what you really want in the situation. Not only do you want […] Read more »

Are You Locked Outside Your Own Temple?

  Often women sense what this means, even if they haven’t heard it before. It’s a painful place to be indeed. It’s heartbreaking. And often we blame others for this nourishment we are not receiving from within. Do you recognise any of the following going on for you?   image from tumblr Symptoms of being locked outside your own temple:   * ability to appear feminine on the outside, but not experiencing it inside * disconnection during sex with your busy mind * feeling flat after orgasm/ no orgasm * jealousy and rivalry with other women * insecurity, self judgement […] Read more »

Falling Into Love Itself

You are not my everything. And I cannot be your everything either. I don’t want that kind of pressure, and neither do you. by truly loving me – staying attuned to my own vulnerabilities, instead of feeling victim to or criticising yours, as we open our hearts into Love itself, together. Maybe in this wild loving friendship, a true and real, deep partnership will emerge – one where mutual appreciation births our own internal standards & compass, because our shared path begins from within, rather than being moulded by conformity. I understand that my wholeness is a space that only […] Read more »