Primal Mama: Transformation Through Birth

Imagine this!   A space that is warm and cosy.   The lighting dim and dappled. Atmosphere intimate, expectant. Cushions, bolsters and thick carpet transforming the space into a padded den.   The air oxytocin-drenched. Your breath compellingly deep. Your sounds low and unbridled.   There’s full encouragement here to tap into your sensuality: air brushing against your skin; the slinkiness of your hair falling across your face; textures of fabrics on you and around you; the scents, the sounds; the swaying and spiralling of your magnificent pregnant body in gentle, comforting movements.   Revel here in a sense of […] Read more »

Orgasmic Birth Interview

The world has a long way to go to embrace what we as women are naturally capable of in our full glory. When a woman doesn’t feel safe to be relaxed and open in her feminine nature, the reality of orgasmic birth can seem impossible. And yet, this is the #1 way we can transform ourselves and the world. Many women have experienced orgasm in birth but it’s not spoken of often because of the backlash that happens, when it’s expressed that birth can be pleasurable. The reactions range from: conditioned religious programming that says birth is meant to be […] Read more »

Birth Preparation the Tigress Way

  Tigress Yoga played an instrumental part in helping me prepare for the most empowered, ecstatic experience of my life -the undisturbed birth of my second son, at home.   I continued my Tigress practice well into my pregnancy, for as long as I felt to, modifying positions along the way with some guidance from Dévashi.To me, Tigress Yoga lends itself extraordinarily well to birth preparation. It IS birth preparation. If you’re not pregnant, you’re birthing your self in many ways. Being such a feminine-centered practice already, for me to apply it to my pregnancy journey just made so much sense. […] Read more »