Beauty + Living Your Dream

images from Inside Outside Magazine Our environment affects us more than we know What does this have to do with the practise of Tigress Yoga? Freedom, lifestyle choice & creating from your inner vision – rather than through your conditioning/ by default. When you become more free inside, this world becomes your playground. Your Creator Goddess aspect can come out and disturb the universe, at least enough to carve out your own way + contribute value to everyone around you. Beauty is about creating a sensual environment to reflect your inner state. Why not surround yourself with what you love? Why […] Read more »

Being Receptive + Having Boundaries

As a naturally feminine woman who really loves to surrender in the company of strong masculine energy, I know the bliss and the challenges of being so receptive, believe me I get it! It can feel so good to let go into a strong man’s direction. And once trusting him, it can be a challenge to distinguish if his energy’s direction is something I can continue to to trust moment to moment. The desire to merge especially after deep sexual connection, can confuse us of when boundaries are needed. I mean, some intimate partners are so confident and directed in […] Read more »

Gifts of Personal Mentoring

  I found this photo of me from my old Tantra Studio in Melbourne……. It’s occurred to me that many of you, who have found Tigress Yoga just in the last year or two, may not realise that I used to have a full time private practice in Melbourne for many years. Eventually it came time to focus all my energy into sharing Tigress Yoga with the world. Since May 2013, I have been enjoying the digital nomad lifestyle, however before that I stayed put in inner city Melbourne for about 10 years. I used to see men, women and […] Read more »

The Power of Receiving

artwork by Bosmat Niron If you have a womb, you hold the power of receiving inside of you. It is your very nature as a feminine being, in a female body. In fact, even if you are a woman who doesn’t have a womb anymore, you still have the energetic imprint, and power of the womb inside of you. It is said that a woman’s power is in her vulnerability. Which is another way of saying, her power to receive, or to be in her receptive capacity. And sometimes it’s a little easier for strong women to digest the concept of the […] Read more »

Welcome To PYP

  This is just what we need ladies! A practical, fun & effective companion to truly Prioritise Your Pleasure (PYP). For many years, I’ve been offering private sessions; helping people to become multi-orgasmic and to enjoy more empowered intimacy. Now that Tigress Yoga is set to take flight around the world, I no longer am able to offer lots of 1:1 sessions. So I’ve condensed that wisdom into PYP – the online course. It’s a living library of potent short courses that will continue to grow. Here you will find teachings behind the Tigress Yoga practice, as well as practical methods […] Read more »