My Relationship With Control

A key learning that I have now fully embodied and don’t just carry around as a nice conceptual thought bouncing around in my head is, ‘it’s safe for me to let go of control’. Tigress Yoga has been integral to getting me there! It actually brings me joy to embrace the mystery, uncertainty. To sit deep in the unknown and trust that all is well. It brings me great pleasure. It excites me. I’ve allowed my feminine essence to take the lead. More often then not!! I respect her wisdom. I’ll listen to her soft whisper to rest. To sit […] Read more »

Can Women’s Yoga Help With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

In this woman’s experience, definitely YES! Watch this short video interview I did with the lovely Jane Mallick, to hear about her transformation from adrenal fatigue and chronic fatigue to pleasure and reconnection. Adrenal issues leading to exhaustion and worse are very common in today’s fast paced world & male – oriented business environments. Re-aligning to our feminine nature, allowing our authentic desires to have expression and restoring vitality are some of the much needed benefits of Tigress Yoga. check out her video to learn more about Jane’s journey:     xx Dévashi Read more »

How Much Permission Do You Give Yourself?

The other day I was walking through a busy shopping mall…  amongst all of the people, the noise and the hustle and bustle……..  it turned into one of the most pleasurable moments of my day!   How?  Tigress Yoga.   I used to get quite stressed and flusted in shopping malls.  Allowing the atmosphere to overwhelm me.  This doesn’t happen anymore.  So, what does this look like?  I am walking through the crowds and I start to go through the techniques I have learnt in Tigress Yoga.  I start to focus on myself.  I turn inward and just observe what […] Read more »

The First Tigini To Be On TEDx

  Recently one of our beloved Tigress Yoga Instructors spoke at TEDx Byron Bay. I’m SO proud! Atira Tan is a yoga teacher + the Director of the Art To Healing Project – a non profit organisation created to support the lives of women who were sold into sex slavery. I’m so pleased & humbled to know that Atira has been sharing the Tigress arts with these women, to support them in their process of feeling that they are loved, and that their bodies are sacred – no matter what has happened to them in their lives. Her video says it […] Read more »

The Yogini and the Tigress Garden

There came a yoga practice into my life that changed my direction forever.  I had been a yogi for twenty years but it was through this embodiment practice designed for women I became forever more a yogini.  A tigress yogini! Or as we like to call ourselves Tiginis. I have been a yoga teacher for ten years. Deep within there had always been a stirring within me about the practices I engaged in and taught.  I had never committed or aligned myself to any one style or practice as there was something in me that questioned the extremity of some […] Read more »

Tigress Yoga’s First 50+ Instructor!

  I feel so happy to introduce to you the first Tigress Yoga Level 1 Instructor who is in her 50’s. Yeahy!! I can only imagine how challenging it may have been for Nisha Gill to join a tantric community made up mostly of younger women than her AND decide to become an Instructor. Good for you Nisha and thank you for your personal dedication, because now you are living inspiration for so many other women of your age group who can greatly benefit from what Tigress Yoga has to offer. Women aged 17 to 70+ have been enjoying Tigress […] Read more »

Instructor Interview with Atira Tan

Atira is another Instructor who has already been teaching Tigress Yoga for a while. She was in the original small group of students who felt dedicated and devoted enough to this practice to approach me about becoming a teacher. My experience with that initial group helped me create what is today the official Tigress Yoga Teacher Training program. And Atira is now one of the Supervisors who helps new Instructors to get ready for teaching their classes 🙂 With an abundance of qualifications and prior experience as a facilitator, Atira also brings a fun & lively energy to our tribe […] Read more »

Welcome to new instructor, Claudia Schilling!

  I love that Claudia is in our Tigress teaching team. With a background in martial arts, psychology & IT, Claudia brings a great understanding of what it’s really like to make the transition into becoming more connected to her womanliness in this world. Our national team is beginning to spread out and become more active in various parts of Australia. It’s so exciting that Claudia will be teaching in areas out of Melbourne city, near Kyneton, Castlemaine, Bendigo etc, where women have not had access to Tigress Yoga classes before. Fantastic! Claudia speaks a little about the effects Tigress […] Read more »

Instructor Interview with Donna Bowen

  I hope you enjoy this interview I did with Donna recently, she’s one of the original Tigress Yoga Instructors from inner city Melbourne. Donna offers classes on the south side of town, in Prahran & soon also in Melbourne city. She can also sometimes be found at Lululemon in Prahran offering free Tigress Yoga classes in the shop there after hours. Donna has a background in dance, martial arts, coaching & reiki. She’s now working in the corporate world, which she has bravely dived into with the intention to learn how to keep her feminine body alive while in […] Read more »

Welcome to Instructor, Rachel Hanrahan!

Inner city Melbourne Tigress Yoga Instructor, Rachel Hanrahan, is ready to share the tigress arts with you. She will be teaching at the Australian College of Shiatsu in Brunswick & at Kundalini House in Fitzroy North. Rachel is a mother of 2, an experienced yoga teacher, shamanic healer & so much more. I’m so happy Rachel is part of our teaching community, we all love her & I look forward to attending her classes myself 🙂     xx Dévashi Read more »