Tigress For Girls

  Since I first started training instructors to teach Tigress Yoga with me, back in 2011, we have been active in developing a version of Tigress Yoga for girls. Women trained as instructors who have been most passionate about wanting to see this sacred female yoga in an appropriate format for younger women have helped in the development of this special project. Those who’ve known me for a while understand how close to my heart it is to provide embodiment education for girls and young women. To support girls through the common issues around body shame, menstrual shame, sexual decision […] Read more »

Gifts of Personal Mentoring

  I found this photo of me from my old Tantra Studio in Melbourne……. It’s occurred to me that many of you, who have found Tigress Yoga just in the last year or two, may not realise that I used to have a full time private practice in Melbourne for many years. Eventually it came time to focus all my energy into sharing Tigress Yoga with the world. Since May 2013, I have been enjoying the digital nomad lifestyle, however before that I stayed put in inner city Melbourne for about 10 years. I used to see men, women and […] Read more »

My Relationship With Control

A key learning that I have now fully embodied and don’t just carry around as a nice conceptual thought bouncing around in my head is, ‘it’s safe for me to let go of control’. Tigress Yoga has been integral to getting me there! It actually brings me joy to embrace the mystery, uncertainty. To sit deep in the unknown and trust that all is well. It brings me great pleasure. It excites me. I’ve allowed my feminine essence to take the lead. More often then not!! I respect her wisdom. I’ll listen to her soft whisper to rest. To sit […] Read more »

Authentic Self Love

I teach people how to treat me by how I relate to myself internally. I teach people how to love me, through how I love and hold myself – or not. When I stay in the flow of my authentic nourishment, my primal intelligence is awake and aware to what/ who is beneficial for me and what/ who is not. To stay in the flow of my authentic nourishment, I need to take the time to listen…. and slow down enough to be moved from my inner compass, rather than be at the response to life only. It means I […] Read more »