How Do I Distinguish ‘Pretender Voices’ From The Voice Of My ‘Inner Teacher’?

  In Tigress Yoga, we speak of the opportunity to silence the mind through our whole body prayer and sensuous feminine approach to yoga. By focusing on your body and accessing it’s womanly gifts, you get to effortlessly slow down your thoughts, without even trying to make that happen. When the fast moving train of the mind is slowed down, it affords you the chance to feel deeper than emotion. The simplicity of sensation and the beautiful realm of pure feeling come alive, guiding you into connection with your ‘inner teacher’. Women of integrity respect the unique approach of Tigress […] Read more »

Tigress Yoga + Whole Hearted Living

  Why Tigress Yoga floats my boat! Tigress Yoga has been my backbone. It is my consistent way of bringing all parts of me back into the safe haven of my body. It has taught me to be ok in my ‘not-okness’ if that’s what is going on for me at the time. I feel good!! More often than not. The physical practice of Tigress Yoga has been and is a very practical way for me to find and maintain my center compass. It gives me certainty and also encourages trust in the unknown – mystery. Tigress Yoga encourages ‘wholehearted’ […] Read more »

Why Yoga Isn’t Therapy

  But yoga is therapeutic and yoga is often healing and now there is ‘yoga therapy’, so what do you mean yoga isn’t therapy?   Therapy is an agreement between the therapist and the client to enter into a therapeutic relationship where the therapist will focus on that individual client, assist them to unpack their personal unconscious material, to help bring it to light for psychological/ emotional integration. The therapist has specific training to offer that service and it is up to the therapist to be clear with their boundaries so the client does not enter into transference, or can […] Read more »

“I HATED your workshop”……what you should know about Tigress Yoga

  Feeling sensually alive orgasmic, blissful and free…… sounds great, but be warned – it’s NOT going to be a path paved with rainbows, lollipops and unicorns!   “I HATED your workshop” it read, with capital letters and all. That first line to an email isn’t what one might expect to read after offering a heart-felt workshop where so much healing happened. Although after years of specialising in something in an area that few people dare to tread, the depths of female sexuality, I know it’s to be expected. Considering we were all in the same room of women in a […] Read more »

For The Birthing Tigress

As I look forward to sharing these profound practices specifically with women who are preparing for childbirth, I reflect on what it is that draws me so passionately to the birthing field. Lovemaking. Conception. Pregnancy. Birth. Breastfeeding. Mothering. The utter miracle of bringing new life into the world. I embraced every bit of it as a younger woman. These experiences are to me the epitome of womanhood. How can I not be in absolute awe of the female body, of my own body which housed two divine beings? I was blessed with the undisturbed births of my two children. These […] Read more »

Inspiration to teach Tigress Yoga

  Becoming a Tigress Yoga Instructor is not an easy thing………students must have made a strong commitment to their own personal embodiment of the Tigress Yoga practice & have experienced how it affects them in their own lives, before applying for training. It’s not just another modality to pay for, learn and add to the bag of tricks – this is a real personal pathway and tribe. Only women who are deeply committed to their own embodiment process and who are committed to being active, harmonious members of the Tigress Yoga teaching community are invited to take part. This is […] Read more »

Valentine’s Day Mayhem!

It’s that time of year again, where our social custom tempts us to find our value in how special we are to someone else. And how lovely it is to feel adored and appreciated, however it’s a guarantee of feeling locked into the suffering of conditional love if we NEED it from outside of ourselves. And this year there is some extra charge this Valentine’s Day, with Eve Ensler’s passionate social activism creating the 1 Billion Rising movement, which is happening globally. For me Valentine’s Day is a time of year where I appreciate myself for being free of imposed […] Read more »

Putting Yourself First

Have you noticed something changing for a while now? There used to be a strong momentum around trying to aim for enlightenment…. long before it’s actually possible for most people and now instead it’s all about authenticity. I love it that being real is more preferable than being correct or perfect – or at least that’s how it is in my world and the circles of people I choose to be with. That said, how are you going dear sister with the subject of putting yourself first? I know that for me it’s been a constant struggle throughout my life. […] Read more »

Diary Of A Tantric Bodyworker

I began my work as a healing practitioner from a young age starting out with various kinds of massage therapy and energy healing for many years. Since then I have had the privilege of guiding people to awaken their natural pleasure pathways, something most people have never experienced before to this extent. I’ve probably given a few thousand sessions by now to women, men and couples who have come to see me for inner healing and awakening of their potent internal energy. I saw people from all walks of life – from high profile people and top level executives to […] Read more »

But I’m Just Not That Into Yoga…

Women who love Tigress Yoga really do come from all walks of life – some are trained Hatha Yoga teachers and some have never been attracted to regular yoga classes. Sometimes I hear from women who ask me is there any other way they can learn from me, preferably without the yoga. It makes me smile because I have my own list of things I don’t enjoy about regular yoga too. So let me take the time to share how Tigress Yoga really is a totally different experience to regular yoga. The word yoga might bring up resistance for some […] Read more »