An Intimate Love Affair – with rope.

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I encourage women from the Tigress community to share their stories from exploring their own erotic lives. Here’s an anonymous sharing for you here:

“I will always remember the first time. There was two sides to the coin. I met it with such excitement and anticipation. There was also a deep calm inside that indicated to me how right it felt. How much I wanted IT. How much I was aching to fully let go and receive.

Sunshine beaming down. I’d slightly open my eyes and be met with gum tree leaves and a blanket of blue from the clear summer sky.

I could feel my heart beating in my chest. Each beat wondering what was to come next? Mystery seduced me. The unknown of where the session was going to go spiked my adrenaline. Aroused for more.

The first time it was just Him and I. Gazes softly meeting and that silent exchange of ‘Finally.’ We had both been wanting IT. To tie and be tied. I could feel the edges of my heart turn upwards as if smiling with pleasure. I was the kitty cat that had got the cream. A willing and ready participant.

He touched my skin with the rope. Gently at first. A welcomed connection and sensual caress. The journey had already began. I was His present to wrap. Each time the rope tightened and snaked over my skin I could feel my mind dissolving. Quiet. Everything became quiet as I was lost in the moment with Him.

I could not take my eyes off this Man. Rope coiling around my body. Soft sigh. Slight yelp as my body left the ground and hung in the air. Suspended. Defenceless. Un-armoured. Lulled into bliss. Meeting Him from this deep sensual intoxicated place. Inviting Him in. I handed over my trust. Full surrender. I let go of all control. I passed everything willingly over to Him in those moments. He continued to meet me – the deeper we went. What a Man!

He knew what to do and when to do it. He was the Conductor. The rope the Musicians. I was the Music. Together we were the Story.

There was a moment when the rope was coming off….sliding ever so lightly across my stomach. Gazes locked. Unwavering. In that moment I felt him energetically penetrate me in the most erotic, sensual and loving way. My eyes rolling in the back of my head. Breath leaving my lungs. The rope communicating this exchange.

I felt cared for the whole time. I felt held and respected. This was a gentle, sensual and erotic introduction into a new world of rope. My type of sensual therapy. My edges slightly touched with the most perfectly timed hair pulling, bite, arse spanking and choking leaving me aching for more.

I was left with deep relaxation that floated into the week to come. Troubles melted away with my surrender in those moments.
I have now crossed a threshold and there is no turning back….I know this is only the beginning. A new way to surrender…”


– anonymous

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