Owning Your Value


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There are so many moments and times in our lives when commitment to ourselves (or not) is something that rules us, whether we like it or not. On a personal level it’s often formed in silent conversations with ourselves that no one else even knows about. If you are finding that what you long for is difficult to get off the ground, keep reading. If there is a long time between conceiving an idea and having it manifest; then it’s likely you don’t have a sufficient amount of personal power. When we keep our agreements to ourselves, we energise our personal power centre. When we break our agreements with ourselves, we diminish our ability to have faith or to follow through on anything.

Your commitment to yourself.

Because if you don’t invest in you, why would anyone else? And if you haven’t committed to you with full conviction, why would someone else listen to you or follow you? Whether you are a seasoned or a new entrepreneur, you have probably noted that the people you follow or look up to the most, are those who demonstrate a strong commitment to themselves. Behind their professional identity, they know their value and they own it. They are consistent, they are trusted and they are professional. And that’s why you trust them – because they trust themselves. I have found there are ever-deeper levels of commitment to self that arise along the way. It comes down to respect.

Self respect.

Eg. respecting your own time & prioritising what you had booked in for self care, no matter how busy things seem to get. I know how hard this can be sometimes. I mean, if I need to get up crazy early to catch a plane, I do so without hesitation because it must be done. And if you need to do something for your children, you tend to do it whether you feel like it or not. But what about when there is no one else around to keep you accountable to showing up for yourself? This becomes especially important when you have something you are creating to share with the world. Or when you are doing the inner work to find that unique creativity that is yours alone.

Without self belief, your business will not survive, that is for sure. With diminished self belief through habitual behaviour that doesn’t meet our agreement with ourselves, it can corrode that inner relationship and affect external results. We’ve all done fallen short of what we promised ourselves before & we know how crappy it feels.

3 Tips to Owning Your Worth

* Small steps energise your personal power centre: even in the smallest of private thoughts, keep your agreements with yourself – it matters. Build up to being able to sustain bigger projects with small commitments to yourself first – it could be anything, ranging from eg. eating greens every day, to blocking out time in your calendar to do a 40 day sadhana just for your personal healing, no matter how crazy busy work gets. And the more you focus on keeping commitments to yourself in your own personal life before trying to commit to others, the more magnetic you will be to attract others.

* Getting off track is bound to happen: Hey you are human after all & the unexpected ‘adventures’ in life cannot be avoided. If you fall off the horse, forgive yourself, let it go & get back on until you’ve done what you intended to do. Whether it’s outside influences or a sudden change of mind or a refusal to receive what you really want, don’t spend too long trying to figure out why. Just get back up.

* Plan it & schedule it: Because resistance can be so nebulous, set boundaries around how long you’ve got to complete the project or task or practise. In the containment of a set period of time, the end feels more achievable and easier to commit to. Eg. the containment of a 6wk Tigress Yoga class series with a closed group, as opposed to casual drop in classes, allows a woman a sense of accountability to keep showing up for herself. And in the end you have not only the achievement of a project, but also the accumulated self belief and a growing strength of personal power.

When you know your value, you naturally have a higher level of self confidence. When you like and respect yourself more, other people will too. And when you respect your own time, other people will too. If you want to be trusted with having a large following of people, guess what – you need to trust you first. Just knowing about it is not going to help you. It’s not effective because those who keep their commitments to themselves carry it in their aura like an invisible power. It’s either there or it isn’t. If you cut corners, slack off and hope no one will notice, you will be stuck in your creative manifestations and it will show in your desired results.

And that myth that your self worth = your net worth = false hype. When we get into greater alignment, we can become more free in how we move in the world, for sure. However, your true worth is sourced from within, no matter your bank balance.

With Love, Dévashi

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