True Feminism


It’s amazing to me to find out how many women & men think feminism/ women’s empowerment is somehow about being against men.

Today, patriarchy does NOT = men

It’s a sickness of disconnection, without intention for love or respect for Life itself. It’s the system of control & ignorance. Men are suffering from the effects of about 10,000 years of patriarchy too – the massive increase in male suicide is some proof of this.

Respect for the Feminine is something that can only happen worldwide when we stand TOGETHER.

Feminism has made really important & necessary changes happen. And there is still much to transform. Keep educating your loved ones about ‘true feminism’. Without real women’s empowerment there is no respect for life. Without women being healthy and whole, we’re all fucked.

Redefining True Feminism starts at home & in your body, in your thoughts and in your relationships.

x Dévashi Shakti

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