International Women’s Day

we are the witches

Women who stand up and say no to patriarchy have been stoned to death, burned alive, drowned & then there were the phases of the strong, courageous women being rounded up, tortured and brutally killed to remove them from the gene pool. 9 million European women – more than the Nazi Holocaust – but no one talks about that much. This oppression of women allowed more control over everyone so we could be domesticated as more compliant slaves to a corrupt system & consciousness that has played its domination game on planet Earth for a looong time now.

It’s not all bad and yet we live in a world where money is god & private corporations with their intentional wars are at the top with only profit in mind. Feminine values are not honoured in our culture or in most of the world. Way too many children are dying from hunger. The vast majority of human beings alive right now are struggling to survive on less than US$1.25/day. Girls & women are commonly sold as sex slaves across the world. Refugee children are denied safe harbour free from abuse in our own country. 1 in 3 women will be raped or beaten in her lifetime & that’s in the privileged western world. Medical industry profit still rules over real midwifery & women are still told to lie down in beds, defying gravity to give birth. Unfortunately I could go on & on.

I call for women and men to be united in dissolving patriarchy, as it’s not serving any of us, only the few – who place no value on the Feminine – on Life itself. I see men are suffering from patriarchy too. Don’t be complicit in your own oppression by supporting that patriarchal consciousness. Common examples of absorbing the virus of your oppressors is not respecting your feminine cycles as a woman and by remaining ignorant as a man of what’s happening. We must dissolve it from the inside.

Wake up your wildness, heal your heart & get focused on how you are contributing to a whole new world. Together.

True feminism is not about power-over anyone. It’s simply alignment with nature. We are nature. Woman births the children & her imprints get carried on. When she is free & whole, we all have the chance to remember our divine sovereignty.


Everything is born of the Feminine, sparked by the Masculine.
– Native American prayer

Everything in nature follows Yin.
– Taoist philosophy

 International Women’s Day 2016

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