Modern Woman Insanity


We say female genital mutilation in Africa is barbaric and shouldn’t be happening. We as western women celebrate when they win the right to say no & not keep passing that awful tradition down to their daughters.  We think we have so much freedom because it appears no one is telling us what must happen to our bodies. Meanwhile so many are voluntarily having their own labia surgically cut off for cosmetic reasons & spending large amounts of hard earned money for that liberated privilege of resembling images of photoshopped porn stars.

What is worse? When that tyrannical voice is running our lives & working against our feminine sovereignty from within or without?


The numbers of western women blindly lining up to voluntarily cut off their genitals & pay handsomely for it is staggering and greatly increasing. I mean, it’s 2015!!

Very occasionally a woman might have genitalia that is actually really oversized or she may have serious childbirth trauma – which would make it reconstructive surgery. In most cases though, what is being described as ‘elongated’ labia is actually just a different type of labia and one that is not represented in porn. This is clearly shown in some before & after photos you can see here.

From online labiaplasty FAQ pages: “As a woman plastic surgeon, I know that perhaps no part of our bodies is so closely tied to our self esteem. Elongated labia can cause shame or embarrassment with sexual partners and sometimes cause pain or discomfort.” “If it is too long it can cause emotional or psychological distress during intimate encounters.” 

Correction: the shape of your labia isn’t ‘elongated’, it’s how it’s meant to be. And your labia isn’t causing you shame or embarrassment; bizarre ideas, lack of self acceptance & distorted feminine identity is. And the distress during intimate encounters mentioned might simply be girl psychology of a female who has not yet confronted the insidious programming that she exists to please a man above all else, resulting in chopping off her most sensitive body parts to gain his approval. Or if she found sex painful, to open her voice could be a more optimal alternative to cutting off her own labia, to avoid asking for what she wants in sex. Can you see how this seemingly ‘compassionate marketing’ is aimed at a woman’s insecurities and is loaded with misinformation?

10 Good Reasons NOT To Get Labiaplasty

1. You would be cutting off erectile tissue & therefore your own embodied pleasure.
2. You would avoid potential disfigurement of the tissues around your clitoris which could decrease sensitivity & therefore pleasure.
3. You would be appreciating your natural, divine uniqueness because just like a fingerprint, every single vagina is different.
4. You would be teaching men to get with the program & wake up to the reality that their virtual photoshopped world of fake simulated female sexuality is not real.
5. You are permitted to wear whatever you like, including looser yoga pants if you find your lady parts offensive or uncomfortable in tight active wear.
6. Having more well endowed inner labia can help to decrease discomfort during sex because of the extra cushioning your body naturally has.
7. You would save between $3500-5000, not to mention about 3 weeks loss of income while you recover from the serious level of pain & the therapeutic healing you’ll later pay for with tears & more $ because you went against yourself.
8. You have the right and the choice to select a partner/ partners who LOVE you and your body exactly as it is. Note: many men find women with ‘more to love’ inner labia highly attractive because it creates more engorgement of the tissues & increases her lushness. (I’m assuming that the dramatic increase in labiaplasty is not coming from lesbian women).
9. You would be saying no to being patriarchy’s puppet & you would avoid compromising your feminine soul. You would be refusing to be reduced to a cartoon version of yourself to appease anyone, including your own conditioned self.
10. You would be saying no to voluntary female genital mutilation disguised as ‘cosmetic surgery’ because you’re a smart lady & you’ve chosen not to let medical corporations profit from your insecurities.

Would you really rather cut off your pleasure-filled lady parts than learn how to ask for what you want in sex? What if you could choose a wardrobe that works with your unique & amazing body instead of cutting off your genitals to fit into your skinny jeans without discomfort?

In an age where so many have been groomed to think that it’s not ok to say no to things based on a false concept of ‘freedom’, it’s somewhat controversial to say “No, don’t do this to yourself.” The misinformed approach of no conditions being so enlightened has a lot to answer for when it’s created a lot of ignorant people with no or lax boundaries, who can’t afford to speak up when needed out of fear of appearing unspiritual, emotional, or God forbid – angry.

Resistance can be holy

When I see a woman comprehending the situation of having been host to patriarchy’s parasitical thoughts that seek to desecrate feminine power for profit, I say “Good, get angry sister“. Not until we’ve actually faced such feelings can we remove ourselves from its clutches. The rest is just spiritual bypassing. Animals in the wild don’t judge or doubt themselves for their instinctual feelings when a threat is perceived, they feel it & move on.

Let’s shine some light on the real reason women do this to themselves though. We want love & approval. We want to feel loved. We want to feel deeply seen & approved of by man. The real issue is we’ve forgotten we are the source of that love & approval we seek. So many of us women have forgotten, and now it’s time to remember. For real. Not just the lip service to concepts about female power while unconsciously nursing ’empire’s’ parasites. I mean actually waking up. We can do this. It’s what you came here for. Let the madness stop with you, today.

And let’s call it what it really is shall we:

Labiaplasty = voluntary female genital mutilation

As long as profit is being made from it, they will try to tell you it’s ok & even normal now because everyone is doing it. But you know the truth. Don’t succumb to the illusion of free choice.

You’re being told that your breasts need to be bigger and your vagina needs to be smaller  – have you ever wondered why this is the so called ideal? Wake up sisters, we’ve been sleeping for far too long.

Love Dévashi


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  1. Shradha says:

    Yes, yes , yes , yes , yes…..the true freedom is to clear what blocks us from feeling and knowing our own beauty. Also to say that i think it is super handy to know that there are different genital ‘types’ as outlined in the Quodoushka tradition and mentioned also in the Karma Sutra, each type has its own qualities , each is evidently , as it should be, as designed by nature.
    Personally when a thought comes in that tells me that i am not ok as i am, i say NO and tune back in to the deeper truth in the a result my deep sense of satisfaction, as well as my radiance, continues to grow in an environment of love and non judgement..
    Thanks for sharing Devashi , it all needs to be said, i hope many women who need to read this do get to read this.

    • Dévashi Shakti says:

      Yes you’re leading the way too Shradha with what you choose to embody <3
      And yes some sexual teachings highlight the different types of genitals for both women & men, giving them context and showing the strengths of each type. I also like to think of ours as flowers, of so many different shapes, colours and sizes. I've never had an issue with my orchid flower - if anyone else does they don't deserve to be anywhere near it!

  2. Loving this Beautiful woman! Tis indeed time to get angry! The story we keep buying into is not ours, nor for our menfolk that love us, the story is about control and profit. We need to consider just how many industries that are invested in a woman’s low self esteem, profiting from the pain they inflict, each of these industries die, if we stop buying their BS. Viva La Labia!!

    • Dévashi Shakti says:


    • sandi mac says:

      I totally agree with you Katherine it’s a very sad,old, disgusting tribal mutilation to do this to young girls so they can’t enjoy love making and sex,but just to pump out kids at the control of the much older ,sometime violent beasts of husbands they are forced to marry for their families well being, i life time of religious beliefs.
      So very sad for the girls and woman of these cultures.
      I say ‘ NO’ .. gotta stop

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