Wild Woman.


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Wild Woman exists BEYOND the matrix. She absolutely does. She is natural, free, of herself & of nature, not of the ‘world’.


Wild Woman does not exist BECAUSE of the matrix. Her wildness is not primarily about being at response to the illusions of the world. She just IS. She’s part of nature. She IS nature. The most true essence of her expression is from her natural sovereignty, her Source connected state, regardless of what the matrix is spinning.


Why is it important for us women to define the energies moving through us? The fucked up, crazy energy that has her feeling like she’s going mad is not her & it’s not the essential, primordial nature of Wild Woman – it’s straight up toxicity she is compelled from within to release because it feels like shit. Don’t absorb it. Don’t make it your own. And if you do let it go!


Transmuting toxic energy has to happen so we can keep moving in our natural state. (Transmutation is only complete when we actually release it in connection with the Earth, not when it’s recycled around inside only to confuse self identity). Our sovereign nature does not want the distortions inside of us. We are urged from within to release it, to purge it, to reject it – this is an important function & not to be confused with forging a pseudo identity based on reaction to a person or society being out of touch with itself.


Without seeing this clearly, we could be in danger of forgetting our own roots & contribute to hindering our own evolution. Feminine self-identity for women gets confusing. There is currently an increase to this mass confusion in woman going on. It was already there for many generations, partly orchestrated by political agendas over time. And now it’s being amplified globally in a powerful way; supported by the energy contribution of well-meaning women without deep roots in women’s mysteries, who struggle to move their own toxicity & sometimes unconsciously leverage off politically spun movements to support their female empowerment related businesses. As a collective of women, our lack of deep roots in Sacred Feminine consciousness is showing. Make a stand AND If we don’t have our roots, we are in danger of allowing our energy to be consumed by the matrix & having that turn us against each other.


Being aware of the energies that occupy our attention: this our right to choose what we think and feel. What consumes you the most – your true nature or the matrix?


Wild woman is not the distortions of the world. She doesn’t exist just as a response to the matrix. She has her own reality. How can you get to know THAT more in your life? There are going to be more confusing times coming, I can feel it, we all can. Where will you be encountering that from within yourself?


We must become GROUNDED, be more INFORMED by research, READ more, SEE the patterns, be willing to spend more time in NATURE, give ourselves more TIME OFFLINE, be genuinely curious about our own FEELINGS & value them enough not to be manipulated by them. EMBODIMENT is key now – it’s essential, not a luxury, for those who wish to stay awake.

Lets be guided by the wisdom of Mother Nature Herself to access our Wild Woman, not just the media.


This was written in support of clearing confusion of the Wild Woman archetype and shared now because of mass hype swelling via political agendas in the media.


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