What They Didn’t Teach You About Being A Woman


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Most new women who come to Tigress Yoga feel confronted by the primal expression invited in this feminine yoga form. It shows how much we’re taught to be afraid of our own nature. Laughing, embarrassed looks and judgements of women free in their expression is what can happen during the first class for some women. Those students are in more of a girl psychology, before being initiated into a more mature woman psychology. They find it weird that women are comfortable expressing their primal nature, simply because their education so far about being female is limited to what has been learnt outside of deep woman spaces eg. what they wear and how to be appealing to men. The alchemical process of the Tigress practise shows a woman how to shift from neocortex dominance, into her expanded mystical nature. It’s not weird to be in touch with who you really are.

We work with sound in the alchemical practise of Tigress Yoga, to access your female animal’s most natural pathways to pleasure, ecstasy & expansion. It’s something that can serve you greatly throughout your life as a woman – in menstruation, orgasm, pregnancy, birth & in daily life. The quality of how you live your life relates to how much you meet your own internal energy, to create the dreams you have inside of you instead of being pulled around by the matrix.

In this beautiful video of a French woman giving birth at home, notice how she plays with her voice, mouth & throat to help facilitate the relaxation and opening of her cervix. Notice the lack of self consciousness of how to play with her body to find deep peace and a high level of attunement with and trust in her primal body. And the harmonious magnetic field she creates around herself from her sounding.

Far too many women never get to feel this extent of natural integrity with their own bodies. So many babies don’t get to feel their mothers birthing in this level of sovereignty with her own body.

Women in our community have experienced empowered, natural, ecstatic, undisturbed home birth via getting to know themselves as women in Tigress Yoga classes. Women who have learnt how to ride the red dragon of menstruation pain-free, will recognise their own primal intelligence in parts of this video too.

Tigress gives the sacred space and opportunity to meet your female animal, in a way that gives you greater access to how you can show up in your female glory all throughout your life. Your sacred animal body is the link to your expanded mystical nature.

This is why we need Sacred Feminine yoga designed for the female body.

This is the medicine of your feline nature as a woman.

THAT is Tigress Yoga.


x Dévashi


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