Mystical Menstruation


artwork by Karol Bak.


Tonight as I enjoyed the natural bliss of my moontime,

I found myself lying on my back, looking up into the black sky at the glistening stars.

From a deep knowing, the thought came,

“I am looking into my womb”.


And then I sat by the ocean as I sang the sound of my womb;

smiling when after a while,

I realised that my natural sound was actually very much like


effortlessly tuning into the sound of the universe…


My mind is so quiet.

So effortlessly still;

this blissful meditation,

pure flowing wisdom,

from the blood in my womb.


Have you ever noticed there seems to be a point of contention between yogic philosophy and earth based feminine spirituality? 

In yoga schools it’s common to see the emphasis on ascension, drawing emphasis away from the importance of women connecting with the Earth. In some yoga school it is taught that her menstruation is supposed to be sublimated, she is told transcending the loathsome, unholy cycle of human birth and death is supposed to be her spiritual goal.

What if it were holy for a woman to feel so much love and pure gratitude for the power of creation in her body? What if honouring the life blood and returning human birth to the profound sacred experience it can be, were part of a woman’s true spirituality?

The most empowered women I have met are women who are strongly connected, in fact, deeply anchored into the Earth. The very ground of their consciousness is a direct gateway to the intelligence of the Earth, the kind of cosmic consciousness that is in Mother Earth, in the way that only the female body is available for that direct communication, through her sacred opening – the Yoni.

The science and philosophy of yoga is a wonderful thing that many of us are very grateful for having in our lives. There are useful tools within it for sure, however the absence of feminine wisdom within it is due to the lack of female yogic practitioners at the time of yoga masters like Patanjali and Sivananda. At that time in Indian culture, it was very difficult for a woman to be independent from her family and to live as a yogini, so it was very rare. She was expected to follow her husband wherever his consciousness led her. And although being a mother is a worthy spiritual path in itself when approached with consciousness, Indian women were often not given the exposure to yogic practices that men were. 

Tigress Yoga has revived an ancient Shakti Sadhana approach to yoga for women. It recognises the importance of menstruation as part of our yogini practices for female vitality and alignment with our feminine nature. 


The Earth is sacred.

Our female bodies are sacred.

Our blood is sacred.

All of creation is sacred.


Om Shakti!

x Dévashi


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  1. Delaney says:

    I am so inspired by this level of consciousness around the mystical potential of menstruation in yogic practice. After healing myself of painful bleeding a few years ago, I began to realise how much power I had over my own body and how much my body responded when she felt heard and loved. Practicing Tigress Yoga in moontime has been one of the most profoundly magical times for me as my body seems to have access to so much more sensation and I can feel the potential for so much more depth and transformation. My body is so deeply grateful for the honoring it has received so far from the wisdom of this practice.

  2. Danni says:

    Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful!!!
    These are the kind of depths and words I have been waiting to hear for such a long time ~ Even though I have been conscious about my bleed for some time (moon cups, cloth pads, pouring blood on the earth, the occasional blood ritual: that kind of thing), it wasn’t until arriving back from Shakti Lounge , when I started bleeding during that night, and bled heavily during the next day, I started to feel some of this more cosmic like energy with my bleed … I think it was something you said on the Sunday eve, around the dinner table that triggered it Devashi…something about your bleed and being in a dreamy kind of state. I’m grateful for this blog post, because it resonates deep with-in. I really love that you saw the night sky and the stars as if you were looking into your womb ! I love that so much. It what I was seeing during Shakti Lounge in the women, the universe in their bodies … It makes me feel more whole, just to read those words ~
    Thank You Sweet Sister of Love and Grace

  3. Ahhh… slipped straight out of sweat lodge into my blood… stayed low and deep for days… been good, I feel restored unto myself. The deeper we go, with the stronger return, we make our lives truly our own, created from within. As always, Thank You Devashi for holding open the space to share the sacred bleed wisdom.

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