Awakening The Tigress

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Want to feel like you are walking around in golden boots, harnessing your tigress wisdom? 

There is a new evolution in women’s work arising from the deep, and thank the gods for that because I’ve become very bored of the same old way of processing things. And having to listen to it. It says something about how long I’ve been in this field for, as I’ve been actively exploring women’s circles & have been involved in such communities since I was age 17 (that’s nearly 20 years ago). The newness I am referring to is exciting, fresh, truly empowering and actually effective. Bring on the new! I’ve been witnessing women feel this new & different way with results that show lasting shifts in their behaviour, self awareness & sovereignty, so I can’t wait to share more about this with you. It will even encourage you to learn a new language & to actually have a new vocabulary about how you communicate your inner experience. I for one, cannot wait to hear that happening more in women’s communities.

The emphasis we’ve had on psychological & emotional processing with an over-abundance of ‘meaning-making’ needs to evolve. It keeps us in a very conceptual understanding of things, and far away from the level of embodiment we are capable of. It also breaks down healthy communication in relationships when weighing everything up against the mind’s references to past pain, when we indulge in too much meaning-making. By labelling an experience or a feeling, it can place it up into a conceptual realm of a collection of words that others are also often using to label their experience. Up and away, in a place that often can’t be accessed, because it feels too big and overwhelming to approach. Eg. Resistance. And if everyone else is experiencing it too, it goes in to a basket of ‘I don’t really know what to do with that, neither does anyone else and hang on, do I even know what it really means anyway?’ Putting a feeling or an experience up into this conceptual world of meaning-making does have it place, but it’s not all there is. By not being so quick to label a feeling or experience, it can instead go somewhere that is more empowering & more manageable, with resolution in a lot less lag time.

It’s also time for women to understand that there is more than just cathartic release as the method of exploring our wildness and embodiment. There is a next step and it’s more subtle. It is of course extremely important to have access to all of our expressions, so catharsis has its natural place. But there is such a thing as re-hashing the same familiar emotions and stories, which can end up in an addictive cycle of chemical responses. That is something that can keep our nervous systems operating in a set way, therefore keep our lives operating within certain paradigms and in the same old thought forms, rather than expanding into new ones.

What is this new way like? It FEELS GOOD, it feels kind, it deeply gets us in touch with our wild instinctual embodied wisdom, it is much more sustainable & actually evolves our female psyches – growing from girl to woman inside.

 What I am talking about? This is part of my PhD research, and something I will be going into much detail about in my weekend seminar coming up in Melbourne. In fact, it’s something I will be going into much depth about in my second book (and yes I know, my first one isn’t out yet!). This seminar is a way to understand a more primal, body-oriented way of processing your personal stuff, while learning a new language of how to communicate about it + experience the sensual embodiment practise of Tigress Yoga, in a way that takes you deeper into what’s really possible from this womanly yoga. It will be the first time I’m sharing this exciting new level of education in group format. It will also be my last group event for 2014. I probably won’t be offering this seminar again in future because it will instead go into a different form. And I would like to gather participants from this event for a 1 day event when I return to Melbourne, about 6 months later – it will be a great way for you to notice your changes since learning this new way of being.

One of the areas this new approach helps with, is interacting with men. If you are yet to read The Queens Code by Alison Armstrong, I do recommend it. Though the angle of trying to understand men is valuable and helpful, women learning with me say that understanding their own female instincts more deeply, feels even more empowering.

This weekend seminar is especially for women who have been enjoying Tigress Yoga and wish to explore further, although any woman is welcome to join us. I will be sharing theory, practical exercises and the Tigress Yoga practise. The intention is for you apply it to your own personal experience of how you manage your energy internally, providing new pathways in your nervous system. I look forward to seeing you there.

x Dévashi

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