Corporate and Feminine – Totally Possible!!


by Level 1 Instructor Donna Bowen

I can’t keep this knowledge to myself anymore. It’s painful for me to watch women I care about run themselves raggard!!

I wear a suit and stockings Monday to Friday. I know some of you may cringe and think it’s a ‘daily grind,’ BUT I actually LOVE it!! I have grown to love it and thrive in this extremely competitive, driven and relentless environment of performance. Maybe I am a glutton for punishment?! I am actually enthralled in investigating and exploring my own personal feminine power in a myriad of environments!!

It wasn’t always like this. I’ve been through the sleepless nights thinking about work and then when I get to sleep dreaming about work. I’ve physically had chest pain over work demands, almost panic attacks, boozey blow outs, breakdowns, boredom, absolute burn out, crazy overtime and working on my days off! It’s all because I care about doing a good job and helping people!!

And… Somehow I NOW find myself in the ‘sweet spot.’ It’s this cozy place of acceptance that I can only do so much in one day, that the work is always going to be there tomorrow and I cannot possibly please everyone. I am smashing my targets and I now get to mentor others!! It’s only the beginning of the awesome stuff to come! I am also acutely present to my feminine needs and internal energy.

How??? More to come…

Let me rewind… Before this corporate sales gig I had my own healing practice. I got to meditate my ass off as much as I pleased. Yoga twice a day and sleep ins galore. Swayed by wanderlust adventures. My life was slower and less jam packed. My clients were corporate babes and guys wired and tired. I had all these tools I wanted to share with them from meditation, mindset strategies to reiki. Yet, I felt my words were falling short. How could I possibly help these people without experiencing it myself and embodying self preservation and love in the corporate world?

My investigation began almost 2 years ago. In the beginning the stress was so intense I’d experience excruciating period pain and have to dose myself up to my eyeballs on painkillers. I hate taking painkillers!!! Period pain is my body’s indication that I’ve been pushing too hard the month before. My body will punish me for not taking care of myself and I’ll hear my internal GPS beg me for mercy. Initially I couldn’t even mentally function and it was terrifying when I had a massive ‘to do list’ and targets to reach. Crushing pressure!!

I drew on my regular Tigress yoga practice like oxygen to breathe. I applied the principles I had been gifted with in all the years before of sacred feminine arts  – Tigress Yoga, 13 Moons Blood Mystery’s journey (Vision quest with Sh’ana & Kaggi), doula training, Devashi’s Shakti Lounge program and my own intense inner enquiry.

Here is what I know now, embody in my daily life and continue to explore and investigate.

Energetically working with my menstrual cycle is key. I’ll plan my months work load around my cycle. Ovulation (when I am most fertile) is my time to be out of the office more, in front of clients and helping people. It is a time of expansive, creative and  communicative energy. It is naturally what my body wants to do so I capitalise on it. It feels right and nourishing. I allow myself to get carried away in my body’s arousal and channel it for being productive at work!! I know… Super cool!! I build the arousal via Tigress Yoga and channel it to create in my life. I’ll be more physically active. Stronger yoga practice, more social visits and general playfulness. I’ll even consider with the egg I ovulate what I want to create or experience for the next month!!! Get creative ladies!!

Post- ovulation the week before I bleed, I am aware of the decent into moontime (menstruation). I can often feel a rush of energy to get shit done so I can rest. It’s not even a conscious thing anymore. I’ll have a greater focus on detail and organisation getting big mental tasks out of the way in prep for rest. I’ll get acupuncture and cupping in week 3 to prevent pain and aid overall health and wellbeing, especially in super hectic times.

Then my blood comes!! The sweet ecstatic blissful blood state. I never knew this honouring, feel good natural state was available until I started respecting my blood. Having a relationship with my body’s natural rhythm. I can feel when I am about to experience the release. I intuitively know where my body is at. The first 3 days I do not exercise AT ALL unless It’s Tigress Yoga. Rest, woman!! There has only been a few cycles my body has wanted harder exercise. I eat red food to build blood – adzuki beans, beetroot and meat are all good blood builders. I’ll eat warmer food. I conserve my energy at work. I do my admin for the month. I take lunch breaks. I am more reflective and quiet. I leave work on time, well – most of the time. I do the bare minimum (because of all the planned worked I’ve done previously) to allow my body to do her thing. I get to bed early and avoid elective social activity. I choose who I want to share this sacred time with wether I communicate I am in moontime or not. I conserve my energy!!

In Tigress Yoga when we mention it’s moontime there is a natural respect between sisters to make less chatty convo unless invited. It’s an incredible intuitive time to tap into. The whole feminine energetic system is open. I dream and I write!! My inner world can be incredible rich and informative!!

In pre-ovulation I climb out of my resting place and plan my next awesome month and get back into stronger exercise.

I have noticed through following these principles (working with the rhythm of my cycle and resting during menstruation) that I have SO MUCH more energy for the rest of the month. I go with the flow more. I am more energised and vital!! Magic happens!

Tracking your cycle is really important to be able to create a work life balance around your cycle. Count the days.

It’s taken me years to get to this point. I wanted you to know there is another more nourishing and respectful way to work with your body’s energy rather than numb it down and ignore it.

I still experience blocks of time where I cannot rest, there is just too much on. Time where I over stretch myself. It’s a work In progress for my overall health and wellbeing. It is certainly progress!!

I invite you to apply some or all of these principles over time and see how you feel. Start by going slower on Day 1 (the first day your blood comes). I can remember how excruciatingly frustrating slowing right down was for me in the beginning. It sure is an art and takes practice in our busy bee world!! Write comments below and let me know how you go!!!

Love Donna


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  1. Danni says:

    Fantastic experience to learn from and incorporate, working in a corporate sphere or otherwise. Thanks for taking the time to share with us Donna xox

  2. Mon Mon Sonnenstern says:

    Thank you for sharing your experiences, I can only second your observations and especially 2014 has taught me so much about working with my body and as female this means working with your cicle. Magic happens!

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