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This isn’t for everyone. It’s for women capable of being creative visionaries in their own right…..and Tigress Yoga is definitely known to be a birthplace of new creative ideas and career changes for our students.

The richness of your inner world emerges from the depths and uniqueness of your soul’s light. This is your creative edge. It’s risky, it’s rarely comfortable, yet it’s exhilarating, and born from within. There‘s plenty of social pressure today to attain (or just project) expert status pretty much from the start. The richest rewards though, are in diving deep into your own creative well.

Creative process is messy and it’s meant to be. If it’s not, you are playing on the surface of what you’ve got. It’s messy because it means direct contact with your own raw, unrefined chaos. Here in the darkness of your inner world lives the beauty of your soul. And it’s often an alchemical result of your own suffering, your deepest questions, your gruelling aloneness, learnings from your inner chaos, lessons from your most fucked up moments & unspeakable initiations – transmuted into your rebirth. It’s pretty much the opposite to the polished outer version of success so many women are scrambling to attain. There is currently a saturation of leaders modelling that and very few, who stand for something more soul quenching. The female entrepreneur movement is awesome and yet it’s missing something vital to feminine development. If that weren’t so, the subject of this blog would be more present in those circles. In our quest for financial and lifestyle freedom, lets not forget where Sovereignty really comes from.

What if it were doing yourself and the world a great disservice to rush this process of inner transformation? Why? Because getting fortified in the fires of your Underworld is not something we can rush, even if we want to. That aliveness from the deep doesn’t give a damn about your urgency to get followers, to have a passive income or validation from anyone or anything outside of you. In fact, She’s likely to drag you over the hot coals for longer until you get the message to not define yourself from anything of the matrix. Leverage the matrix to your advantage by all means, but if the majority of your attention gets consumed by it, you are only going to be tapping into a fraction of what’s possible for you. And your true feminine light is really needed here.

All women have their own version of Persephone’s descent to the Underworld. It’s part of the story of the female psyche developing into the maturity of individuation. From the organic process of integrating that Underworld journey, Persephone naturally will emerge as Hecate – Queen of the Underworld – friend to her own instinctual forces – Queen of her own domain – self-defined, fierce, magnetic, heart open and whole. Not only are there consequences for skipping over that process when it comes for us, it’s the allegiance and attachment to external recognition that can cut a woman off from the true magic of her own creative well. The opportunities available in today’s world are fantastic, yet those things will never nourish the depths of your soul. Creation is a spiral – it’s not a linear process, because you are in the arms of Life itself. Unlike your coach, you can’t just drop Her if you in your urgency for outer success, decide you don’t like the process anymore.

You can feel when someone is really tapping into their magic, because you will instinctively take a deeper breath from the aliveness they radiate. They have you sit at the edge of your seat because it pierces through the veil of mediocrity. It brings new life that naturally awakens your own ancient wisdom. To embody it can feel like standing/dancing alone, wild, naked, in the centre of the Universe, seeing deeply into the ecstatic dark eye of the abyss. Meeting this primordial place can feel like the very edge of sanity, as you go where there are no maps. And so it takes courage, serious ovaries and a longing that penetrates your very being to find yourself there. I know for sure that Tigress Yoga offers the kind of sanctuary needed, to support you in being a huntress of your own creative source. When you find yourself there, you not only get to drink deeply of that well – so does the whole world.

The secrets of how to live from that fecund place of deep magic aren’t revealed to those who rip off other people’s hard-won creativity. Not because there is a judging entity watching over their misguided turns on the road, but because they aren’t available to receive their own gifts, while their attention is caught up with comparison or stepping on people to get what they want. Rarely does the work of copy-cats really fly, because they don’t have the energy or substance of vision to sustain their imitation of your work.

How do you know if you are being honest to your own creative process? Here are some key indicators:

* the majority of your inspiration is drawn from within, from the potent life experiences in your personal life & from the pulsing aliveness of nature Herself

* you don’t experience other people’s offerings to covertly use their content without their permission/ or without crediting them, while justifying it to yourself in your mind – the proof is in the quality of your personal relationship with them

* you naturally maintain a genuinely loving relationship with your mentors/ creative muses/ coaches who have helped you free up your energy

* you deeply value the organic feminine spiral of creation & you voluntarily surrender to Her deep magic

* you want all the good things to live your life to the fullest, yet you don’t sacrifice the health of your feminine soul to attain the shiny things

* you are honest enough to be conscious of where you get hooked into the momentum of the world & you are vulnerable enough to seek guidance from those who have gone before you

And so now, where do you choose to be in all of this? It’s entirely of your own creation!

For visual inspiration, here is a music video from Bjork – I’m lost for words at how profoundly she embodied the beauty of her soul. Even if your personal style is not at all weird or confronting, the expansive energy behind the unleashed Creatress spirit, is what so many women are hungry for.

I hope I’ve inspired some to say YES to stalking their own creative edge (& enticed some away from running full speed at grasping for their shiny veneer alone), because that kind of beauty from your inner world, is something that heals us all…….. and I know you have it in you.

If you have a music video, poem or something that ignites your desire to venture into your creative edge, post it here in the comments section.

xx Dévashi

and if you have an hour to spare…….

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