Beyond Catharsis in Feminine Development


Being able to access all of our feminine pathways;

our full capacity for authentic expression,

is really important for us as women.

Our wildness expressed, our sexual power & our need to be seen,

is all part of the journey.


However constant emotional catharsis is not the goal,

or the end point.

Tearing down the walls of external limitations must happen, yet

why remain in a stance of fighting against

what is essentially illusionary in the first place?


Restoration is essential for feminine health,

for our female psyche and the development of our energetic system.

The externalisation of female sexuality is

not necessarily our deepest nourishment.


True feminine embodiment happens in the integration,

where her nervous system has a chance to develop & evolve,

beyond unleashing emotion & into accessing pure feeling,

beyond all stories, to just bathe in the energy of her true self.


Grounded in her connection to Mother Earth,

and with conscious connection to her heart,

a woman can stabilise awakening Shakti.

This is where lasting transformation happens.


Don’t always look for the big peaks

of explosive energy shooting out,

mistaking this for the liberation.

Addiction to running strong emotions through your body,

is also just a chemical cycle that can lead to depletion.


Catharsis is but a step along the path

to reclaiming your wholeness;

your wholeness that already exists.



xx Dévashi


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  1. Karakrista says:

    Beautiful once more…. “bathing in the energies of her true self”. Yes it’s the being… the inner presence, aliveness and rich sense of oneness both within and with others / life (for me) that comes after the catharsis …..and after years of major and minor ones ……that’s the true jewel. Thanks once again Devashi for your inspired and insightful writing. I’m really enJOYing reading your love notes.
    JOY 🙂
    Karakrista xxx

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