Falling Into Love Itself

loving you

You are not my everything.
And I cannot be your everything either.
I don’t want that kind of pressure, and neither do you.

by truly loving me – staying attuned to my own vulnerabilities,
instead of feeling victim to or criticising yours,
as we open our hearts into Love itself, together.

Maybe in this wild loving friendship,
a true and real, deep partnership will emerge –
one where mutual appreciation births our own internal standards & compass, because our shared path begins from within,
rather than being moulded by conformity.

I understand that my wholeness is a space that only I can fill. I accept that my wholeness includes where I feel ugly, lacking & unlovable. In that I transform.

I want this kind of freedom in love, and I feel you do too.

You are not my everything &
I cannot be your everything either,
yet within that we can have it all.


x Dévashi

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  1. Vikash Jogia says:

    Wow – Devashi – I’m guessing you are the same age as my impossibly adorable & I imagine much loved cousin, Sadhika Jogia, which would make you no older than 21, that poem was so beautiful & so perceptive with regard to what I believe to be – as part of the human condition – to be both our greatest strength yet unfortunately our greatest weakness (as I’ve found over the last 4 years, starting with my best mate, I’ll go as far as to say soul mate – Simon Milner, then loosing my favourite person on earth – mum, …, I have no idea how Sadhika & Prashant dealt with the loss of their father, my favourite uncle, Kishore, who was taken from them at such a young age), …, that was outstanding in the way it differed from a “romantic” philosophy (branch of philosophy whose name I may have gotten wrong that i think began in Europe in the 1700’s along with Bentham’s “utilitarianism” & Emanuel Kant’s “Deontology” – 1800’s & even the great man Aristotle from Ancient Greece where he postulates that if one were to undertake any pursuit, then a life well lived would be one where the pursuits undertaken should be done to an extent that it adds to that of the entire knowledge of humanity itself), I suppose to cut a long story short, the poem was written as if by a modern day philosopher on the subject of love, which is made that much more impressive by the fact that you may still be in your teens – outstanding – pointing out a mistake that most young people make when falling in love – it is truly a journey together into both individual’s all, yet one cannot doubt or criticicize their own weakest or “ugliest” points as this simply triggers the possible obsession for the impossibility of perfection hence throwing doubt into this exploration for the other (I may have missed the point entirely, however, as long as I got something positive from the poem then it matters not, for if a tree falls in a forest without anyone to hear it then only a physicist can say the tree made a sound as the definition of sound often requires a recipient to hear said sound, taken further – how do you really know you’re not living in a world where the people around you only exist when you are around as actors in some Truman show type setup – as absurdly arrogant as that may sound it never ceases to disappoint me that the 3 major 1 creator God religions all agree that God gave man dominion over the animals, so if he truly exists he (always he?) had better send us all to heaven or hell soon before the human race destroys everything in the current mass- extinction we’re in the middle of squabbling over). How could humanity not be responsible for climate change, being the only species on earth it seems that can measure global trending & now that we’re passed 360ppm CO2 (450ppm at the moment, I think), greed from the super- rich combined with the very deliberate ignorance of the super poor goes to show humanity in its true state, however, without a stable nuclear fusion reactor I cannot see how anyone, no matter how wealthy could buy their way out of this mass extinction. SORRY GONE COMPLETELY OFF TOPIC

    • Dévashi Shakti says:

      I’m definitely not still in my teens nor am I 21 but thank you 🙂
      With poetry it’s always best to take from it what we are ready to hear. I agree the attempted destruction of nature is a huge issue. And not one we humans could possibly achieve if in touch with our own inner nature. Thanks for sharing your rant! x

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