Are You Locked Outside Your Own Temple?


Often women sense what this means, even if they haven’t heard it before. It’s a painful place to be indeed. It’s heartbreaking. And often we blame others for this nourishment we are not receiving from within.

Do you recognise any of the following going on for you?


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Symptoms of being locked outside your own temple:


* ability to appear feminine on the outside, but not experiencing it inside

* disconnection during sex with your busy mind

* feeling flat after orgasm/ no orgasm

* jealousy and rivalry with other women

* insecurity, self judgement & self consciousness

* no feeling sensation of profound aliveness in your breasts & heart

* no experience of the involuntary sexual aliveness of your instinctual feminine body

* resentment towards man/ your partner for not truly loving your body

* striving to have more/ be more at the expense of the pace of your inner reality

* stuck in worldly roles that don’t support honesty with yourself

* over-using your mind to excessively think your way out of difficulty

* trying to fill yourself/ your relationship with other things to replace true connection

* excessive career focus with minimal real personal joy

* distracting yourself in various ways to avoid being within

* being lost in fantasy about the sex/ the love you want, for long periods of time without actually experiencing it

* feeling jaded by spirituality – feeling like you’ve been there done that, yet you aren’t tapping into ecstatic bliss

* sensing there is more to living on the surface of life, but not knowing how to enter inside


Please understand all of these are symptoms of a condition that is unnatural. Even though it’s widely accepted as normal, it’s not natural. If you desire it, you absolutely CAN go beyond these unfulfilling experiences. It actually takes more energy to deny your true nature, than it does to allow it to be free.

Beautiful women, the intelligence of our feminine bodies is utterly profound! When we surrender to this instinctual wisdom that all women innately possess, literally a whole new world will open up for you.

A new life awaits you

In a safe and sacred sanctuary environment, Tigress Yoga offers an alchemical journey to help you unravel from all that is not your true essence. And in the process, you get to learn how to transmute your pain into love, into bliss. This essential wisdom for women gives you the keys to enter your own temple, as often as you please.

You may also just choose to live from there, in your temple, as it becomes more familiar to you. When you have this, no one and no thing can take it away from you. It is yours forever. And this deep sacred intimacy with Life itself will completely change your experience of sex and relationship if you allow it.

The principles of the Tigress Yoga practise can be applied to lovemaking. First though, you get to establish yourself in connection with your own sexual sovereignty. Real inner beauty & ongoing pleasure is birthed from that place of divinity within.

What lets YOU know that you are locked outside your own temple?



x Dévashi

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