Feminine Cosmos With Peruquois


‘Voice of Authentic Woman’, Peruquois, is a leading contributor to the global realisation of Sacred Feminine consciousness on our planet at this time. She travels the world offering her teachings through her music, lyrics and potent women’s workshops. In live Tigress Yoga classes we are often playing Peruquois’s music, as it holds the vibration of entering into the feminine body. I’ve had the pleasure & privilege of knowing Peruquois when she previously lived in Melbourne and offered women’s workshops regularly in Australia. I’ve been enjoying Peru’s initiatory presence since about 2003. Here in this video interview I open up a conversation with my friend & teacher Peru, about what it takes to really live from this deeper feminine reality as women.

Within this video Peruquois shares some of her personal story & we discuss the following:

* feeling whole as a woman

* clean use of power

* necessary restoration time for women

* valuing feminine body consciousness

* generating capacity for real mystical experience as woman

* cosmic states & mystical lovemaking

(It took about 6 months for us to do this interview, so please forgive the video quality. We were in different countries with different timezones and I was living in Bali without my lighting equipment at the time!)

And here is the link to her emotional cleansing CD mentioned

You can buy her transformational tantric music here

There are also some teaching videos Peruquois has made, via her ‘Truly Woman’ series.


May we all come to know the depths of Shakti Ma, the Cosmic Mother of us all.


With Love,



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