Getting What You Want


I’m hearing from many women around me how much they are feeling pressure in trying nail their soul purpose work in the world and/or find their soul mate YESTERDAY, so they can feel safe, financially secure and attain a sense of completeness as women.

To all the women out there putting so much pressure on themselves to build their business up to celebrity status and find their soulmate yesterday: please slow down, to get where you want to be faster. Honour your feminine rhythms, trust in the life God has already planned for you & hang out in that zone rather than getting your precious energy into a frenzy trying to fit yourself in to the models that already exist. If you came here to remember who you really are, you are supposed to break the mould and you aren’t meant to fit into a ready made package – whether it’s business or relationship.

Dedicate yourself to finding out who She is, the woman from the deep who lives inside of you. Don’t worry about the latest this and that online, it will always be there brighter and shinier than ever, and you can utilise all of that when it’s your time to do so. The most important work we will ever do is uncovering what we each have to uniquely gift to this world, grounded in your true presence.


Where do you conform to the pull of $, or the external package in your efforts to feel safe, secure and loved? Do you know when you are being pulled by the ideas of the world or from your own true inner motivations? Are you looking to a career or to a relationship to give you safety, security and completeness without already 100% showing up for yourself?


Sisters, honour your feminine rhythms, be a true yogini – your natural cycles are your gateway to the infinite. Don’t conform to the illusionary pressures of this world to attain the outer package because you’ve been taught to think it will bring you the safety, security and love you are aching for.

There is so much emphasis today on the finished final package, whether it’s following the online presence others have built up over many years of hard work (that you don’t immediately see) or the happy smiling pictures of other people’s relationships, with the meme that we need to be in one to feel complete. I know you want financial security in alignment with your soul gifts and I know you want support from a life partner who can help you believe in yourself. Just don’t forget what you really came here for and that relationship is meant to un-do us, it’s not always going to provide the perfect support you think you need.


Without real substance, it’s just another trap to lose yourself in. You came to this planet to show who and what you really are. Don’t back out now. Remember who you are and give energy to that relationship, until the rest is an organic overflowing in deep resonance with divine timing. There is no true satisfaction without this deep inner surrender. And if you are not grounded in this She from the deep, you will get lost even more – that’s almost guaranteed.


Women of substance are those who are not rushing through their own unfolding. They don’t place the expectation of perfection onto themselves and measure their worth by what they have achieved in the eyes of the world. Pretty soon the superficial approaches will exhaust what they have to work with and women of true substance will be leading the way. You will wish it was you but it won’t be if you didn’t take the time to do your inner work. Either that or your chosen diversion from what really matters deep in your heart will be grating on your soul so fiercely that you may never feel satisfied with anything or anyone.

Where are you in this?

You cannot force a flower to open – she has her own subtle ways and timing unique to her. Devote yourself to uncovering who She even is, for you in your life. Who is this woman? What is her way? What are her gifts not born from this world? What is her unique imprint? Dance with her in the ups and downs of the inner pathways until she is free. Direct your longing into freeing her and finding out how she wants to show up in the world, in a way of Her own choosing.


She isn’t always meant to fit, She came here to carve a new way, so let her. Stop controlling, pushing and grieving over why she doesn’t fit in the box you are trying to force Her into. That shape will only become your next prison. You say you want to be free but constrict her fullness so tight because you don’t trust your own Feminine nature.


Give yourself the gift of living from the inside out. Watch in delight at Her unfolding through you, because you are the just the channel. There is no more energy caught up in, “am I good enough?” or “I don’t believe in myself enough yet”, when you get that it’s not about you. Let the Feminine be free. LET GO.





*** Nothing else is more worthy of your attention than this. ***


When you get it that it’s not about you, success is yours.

Why are YOU here?

What is YOUR unique feminine magic?


With deep love & respect for Shakti,

Dévashi xo


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  1. Delaney Crawley says:

    Thankyou Devashi for such embodied wisdom. My body really is starting to know this now. When I am deeply inside my feminine it’s like I’m moving in delicious slow motion and every motion is an art work and an expression of divinity. And how caught I have been for so long in a world that has no time for that but desperately longs for it. I am becoming much more vigilant in observing and counteracting the forces in the world and my own psyche that want to speed me up and wind me into hyper achieve for I’ve forgotten what reason mode. So much love and respect. xx

  2. Dee says:

    Allelujah! Someone said what I think. Ooh, look another new shiny object to enable me to get my message across! Really? When , oh when do we have time to be it all. Ipad savvy, connected, sexual tigers, magic raw food gurus, green smoothie goddesses, patient parents, and utterly enlightened beings.. Oh, and abundantly wealthy so we only work 4 hours a week. F*%^ed if I know.Great, great article. Will share profusely. Love XX

  3. Thank you beloved sister… These deep tones are just delicious!!

  4. wendy phillis says:

    Devashi did u write this for me. thank u

  5. Lady Rachel says:

    Yes Devashi! Thank you! Beautifully said. Allowing our feminine to just be sometimes can be the hardest thing in this masculinised world. Easy does it sisters! <3

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