Why It’s Not Selfish or Indulgent to Prioritise Your Pleasure


When you dismiss your feminine pleasure, is it in order to be a good person who is available to others, or an insidious belief that you don’t deserve to have real pleasure in your life?

Women who keep pleasure way down on their priority list, actually cut themselves off from being the compassionate, loving & good people they intend to be. And when you feel terrible or depleted……….. you know, that feeling like you’re running on empty……well, it’s just not so easy to give joy!

Commonly what this can look like in your life, is you’re trying to escape desire, maybe even avoiding your sex energy to feel above desire & in control. But this makes for a mediocre life, where you’re running away from being human – all in the attempt to be a good person. How crazy is that!

In my experience, practices such as sitting meditation become much easier when there is enough energy in the body.  Otherwise it’s a gruelling experience of being exposed to every possible self hating thought from the negative mind that only gets so much repetition in the first place, because we’re disconnected from the actual real energy of our body; of our desire, our orgasm, our pleasure, the sacred flow of life itself.

When we’re in it, there is nowhere else we would rather be – yet women get locked out of their own temples, which is another way of saying being stuck in the mind – all because there’s not enough chi, not enough energy of sexual vitality in her body for her to feel the gravity of being centred in the places where deeply alive sensations live. And not just sensations, but actual intelligence centres that can inform her on how to move through life in a way that keeps her connected to a deeply satisfying level of authenticity and personal freedom. A woman who is connected to herself in this way will literally overflow with loving presence because her inner contentment is so tangible and genuine. Without that inner fullness, her pleasure is in deficit, which means every time she tries to give from that place, she gets more empty, more resentful and less available to receive loving energy from another.

When one woman becomes filled, when she’s actually feeling full, she will naturally share that with everyone else & all will be truly nourished by her presence.

So in re-framing the idea of prioritising your pleasure, hopefully that stuck place in the mind can see, that not only is it NOT selfish or indulgent, it’s actually ESSENTIAL for our feminine wellbeing. As predominantly made up of feminine energy (for most women), the power of receiving is our gift. And yes that includes pleasure.

Not only does being in touch with sensual intelligence feel REALLy good, it gives you more range as a human being, it matures you from girl to woman and gives you the quality of presence that everybody craves. The world desperately needs you to be in your genuine pleasure filled zone, did you ever think about it like that? Invest some energy and time into this and the results will elevate you so gracefully and gradually that it will begin to feel so normal and so natural, not strange or scary.

Many women watch minimum 1hr TV show every week, so imagine putting even just that amount of time into nourishing yourself from the inside out. And how amazing could it feel if you did so 3 times per week? Or more? And not because you should or you have to, but because you want to – please don’t ever let this become another thing to feel guilty about ladies!

Maybe prioritising our pleasure is our responsibility, because it effects so positively all those around us, how can we deny that beautiful flow-on effect and how can we deny ourselves any longer?


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With Love,

x Dévashi


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  1. Wendy Phillis says:

    Yah Devashi love this sharing. Wow you brought some light for me about meditation and the critical mind, love it I feel free. Thank you. Beautiful love u

    • Dévashi Shakti says:

      Excellent Wendy, yes & it’s just not personal, it’s a mechanism we all encounter. How we work with it is the important thing x

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