It’s great that so many women are wanting to get their gifts out into the world & that there is a rising desire in women for business success. What I’ve found from my adventure into creating something of value in the world, is that real success starts at home. I say this especially from the level that I’m moving into now, where often the main focus in masterminds with already successful women is deep self-care & lifestyle re-design. Yet often that self care focus doesn’t include how to access the full presence of what animates her & where her power comes from.

The following may not be true for everyone, though I certainly have found it to be so for a huge amount of women I know…….there’s relentless online focus to get yourself out there & establishing the necessary systems and structures is vital – yet the energy behind it can become flat unless you yourself are fully charged with your own magic.

3dcd0b4deba68937f29b02d51441b185If you are already 100% truly living the lifestyle you really desire, inside & out, then maybe this isn’t relevant for you. However what I’ve found is that the more you actualise your soul wisdom into the world, the greater the need to energise what’s most important to you in your personal life, in order to sustain your work, along with its success.

From witnessing & riding the entrepreneurial wave of greater ‘permission’ for women to start a business be unleashed to the masses from the start, I can see the next wave coming too. And some are starting to tap into that with deep self care practises, where the emphasis is about slowing down & learning how to manage ourselves with the necessity to be so immersed in the online world etc.

What goes along with remembering to slow down, is all the women who wish to be fully harnessing the power of their Sacred Feminine energy, while living their dreams of offering their soul gifts. Many of us under 50 have witnessed the unbalanced drive for outer success compromising the development of deep feminine energy in women – and we want to see something different for ourselves & for our daughters.

I predict the next collective wave for women in business coming, is comprehending how vital the alignment with our feminine energy really is, to our worldly success. Not just to avoid compromising ourselves, but to bring the full force of our Shakti spirit into how we are being of service. This means prioritising our nourished, embodied, awakened feminine source inside and designing our business lives AROUND THAT.

The first successful business woman I heard saying to create your business around your desired lifestyle was Ali Brown. I appreciate her pioneering spirit in the entrepreneurial world which helped open the door for so many other women eg Marie Forleo, to claim their space too. What I am suggesting however is something more specific and centred around what actually awakens & sustains embodiment of our Shakti essence.

These pioneering women I mentioned have paved the way, showing that business can be outrageously successful when done with heart, playfulness & nurturing feminine energy. What I also notice & hear from such women is that they personally really struggle, with being in their feminine energy after hours when it comes to sex & intimacy. This would be true for both their intimate relationships and their quality of presence with themselves & their own bodies.

For a woman, exercising and being physically fit is not all the same as having a deeply nourishing relationship with her feminine body. I should take a moment here to explain that the ‘feminine body’ does not just equate to being physically female or dressing in a girly way, or being desirable for the male gaze. Our feminine body as women is an alive, instinctual intelligence that expands in us when our vital feminine energy centres are on & awake.

A woman’s ‘feminine body’ is the living, fluidic energy field of awakened feminine consciousness around & permeating throughout her physical body. It is unmistakably, tangibly felt as her expanded sexuality and connection to the reality of ‘She’ inside all women & all of nature.

It’s what naturally arises when a woman decides to free herself of ancestral heaviness – the effect of women being servants to (conditioned) male desire and to the artificial poison of the matrix, which keeps her a slave to all that doesn’t truly serve her evolution.

It’s where she awakens to the felt sense of her own bodies’ desires & unleashes her incredible range of transcendent & primal female orgasmic energy, which naturally brings her psychology and emotional body into alignment*. It’s when sex stops being something to endure, or something you do to feel the love you want, or a marital duty to ensure the security you want for your family, or feeding the hunger of someone assuming sex is for them to use your body to masturbate with & you feeling really fucking angry about it later etc – to a truly magical experience of letting the profound wisdom of your feminine body take over, into states of infinite pleasure & intense joy. I elaborate on the importance of following our desire as women in this article here.

Basically her feminine body is already there inside her, underneath the collective pain body of woman that was running her life before this transition into starting to reclaim her female sovereignty. Yoga is commonly now where many people experience how our body’s somatic wisdom teaches our minds – yet it goes so much further than that when consciously enlivening our deep feminine energy centres, where the potency of our Shakti* resides.

Coming back to the next wave for women in business…………..I forsee a collective realisation dawning, of women really perceiving the value of living in and from their feminine bodies. To be among the women tapping into this now, what it takes is significant personal immersion to thoroughly re-arrange where you are knowingly or unknowingly not valuing your female experience. It means being exposed to essential feminine wisdom that is every woman’s birthright to know.

Being a woman who is deeply committed to her service in the world and to my own ever-deepening, mystical feminine embodiment; I totally appreciate the challenge that we feel in really living this. For me I 100% know & feel that my success is dependant upon how I manage my energy as a woman in the modern world, while also sharing what I have to offer with great success. And I envision a time when the women held up & celebrated as examples of the most successful business women are not just those who outsource full time mothering & those who abandon attending to their inner erotic world, in favour of her company’s yearly revenue.

For a woman with a dominant ‘Athena’ archetype, it can be natural for her focus to be on career above all else; though some women will end up needing to investigate how much of that is an expression of her naturalness & how much is unquestioned programming that aligns with valuing her outer achievement over her the success of her visceral, inner fulfilment as an embodied woman, who is experiencing the full capacity of her feminine treasure trove inside.

Because I see women who have already achieved a certain level of business success needing to focus on alignment with their personal lives as women before they can sustain a higher level of achievement……and because I see women just starting their business, diving into the endlessly consuming online world that promises the lifestyle of her dreams if she buys yet another business course, I feel called to bring my voice into the mix here.

What I’m experiencing as someone who has been immersed in deep feminine practises for a few decades, is the need to prioritise my personal life in very specific ways for my feminine nature to be & remain free. Basically when my body, my Shakti is getting the quality and amount of attention she needs from myself & my lover, that’s when I am genuinely on track with my business. That’s when I feel capable of utilising what’s of value to me to move my work forward in the world, without losing myself in the relentless online buzz or losing myself in my own creations.

It all depends on how much aliveness my feminine energy centres are feeling. And that depends on how much attention I place on my feminine body daily. As an experienced teacher of Sacred Feminine embodiment arts, I recommend ways of doing this that are not just about trying to cram in more things to do in your day……..the practical teachings I guide women in are mostly about bringing a deeper level of connection to the natural experiences your womanly body is already having. This is part of what makes it so do-able & so attainable.

I’m inviting you and myself to do & keep doing what it takes, to question the current dominant paradigm, so you are among the new pioneers in the next wave of freedom for women.


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* this natural alignment of mind & emotion and grounding into her feminine body occurs when the environment a woman has to awaken her Shakti is truly aligned to the reclamation of her sovereignty, and not to the agenda of a power tripping teacher or a an inexperienced guide – otherwise her confusion & the time it takes to stabilise herself can be intensified.

* Shakti= primordial female life source energy

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