More Grace, Less Drama

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We absolutely have the power of feeling in abundance as women. Rather than see our feelings as a hinderance to choices in life or in business, we can learn to optimise this goddess-given power.

We women are thrown around by our emotions a lot in life. Some are suppressed, manipulated, medicated and the list goes on. You can probably trace how you deal with your feelings back to the cause behind pretty much everything you kinda regret about your life. Relationships break down, heaviness sets in, dis-ease can form and we learn to distrust our own feelings – which is a very sad thing. This indicates the need to distinguish between our feelings and our emotions. Do you remember the last time it ended badly for you, due to meaning-making?

Feelings are our ally. They are our inner guide. And at the end of the day, maybe that’s all we really have. Lets learn to use the power of our feelings wisely.

What’s the difference between feelings and emotions?

FEELINGS are the realm of our instinctual wisdom, perceived through our senses. Sensations. What might happen if you could be present to the sensation in your body, just within yourself, without creating divisions or conflict with others?

EMOTIONS happen when we make meaning out of those feelings. Being very subjective, they can easily be inaccurate and that’s how meaning-making turns into crazy-making. Emotionality doesn’t feel good!

It can be very very tempting to indulge in meaning-making, I understand! The stories can get elaborate……….. and really out-of-hand. Basically we need to do it until we are tired of treating ourselves & others so badly. Emotion will inevitably happen, but we can learn to take care of ourselves and take responsibility for how we wield our goddess-given super powers. The results of utilising this wisdom in your life will feel like self kindness and a genuine movement towards self mastery – not suppression.

What can you do about it?

Release from emotion can happen when guided by the wisdom of your primal intelligence via sensation, rather than following all the stories in your mind. Exploring signals your instinctual body shows you, gives direct entry to the inner path. Over-focus on interpretations often leads to unnecessary opposition, destructiveness of connection with others & lingering emotionality. What might shift in your life if you knew the difference of feeling and emotion? Experience the beauty of diffusing situations within your own body when possible, instead of creating unnecessary antagonistic emotion with others. Tigress Yoga genuinely helps to both untangle yourself from illusions (including how other people’s crazy-making affected you) + it shows you how to be more present to your inner world of sensations.

Our nervous systems are always trying to resolve disharmonious energies from the past. When we don’t recognise it for what it is, we try to play out the energy of the inner scenario with others, often with a negative effect. When we become more interested in what’s happening within, we can refrain from projections that seek to draw others into our emotional drama. Instead, in being present with our own feelings & sensations, we can be a conduit to let it move through, and offer peace to others.

Next time the opportunity comes up, will you choose crazy-making or self mastery?


Note: sometimes it is vital to express ourselves fully with another if it directly involves them in the situation. However, we all know that the outcome will be much more desirable when we can be present to ourselves first.


With Love,


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  1. Karen says:

    Hmm… I wAs just listening this morning to a talk on healing your soul… And it seemed from the speaker’s view that we need to tap into old emotions, to face them, and heal them, in order to manifest our dreams. I have been … Cruising along with the.. Buddhist-type belief that extremes (of emotion) are best avoided.. and that meditation gives you a calm, middle-of- the-road experience… Then I read an article last night that meditation can be like a drug… where we ignore our emotions… ! So I’m a bit confused about where. Sit with the whole… feeling thang at the moment. So thank you for this article… I think I need to read it with a fresh head.
    Love and light
    Jamila/Karen xox

    • Dévashi Shakti says:

      Hi Karen,
      yes that confusion is warranted, especially when it comes to meditation practises not designed for women

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