The Power of Receiving

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If you have a womb, you hold the power of receiving inside of you. It is your very nature as a feminine being, in a female body. In fact, even if you are a woman who doesn’t have a womb anymore, you still have the energetic imprint, and power of the womb inside of you.

It is said that a woman’s power is in her vulnerability. Which is another way of saying, her power to receive, or to be in her receptive capacity. And sometimes it’s a little easier for strong women to digest the concept of the power of receiving, rather than just focus on grasping the concept of the power of vulnerability 🙂

From being a woman and from guiding countless women deeper into their own Feminine, I know there can be so much confusion in love, desire, relationships and direction in life for us. What do you align yourself with? Because this will be what you birth. What you create for yourself in your life is a direct result of what you have aligned yourself with internally.

To know what you are aligning yourself with, notice what you are attracting. What are you being a magnet for in your life? Is it what you really want, or is it not quite the soul nourishing substance that you truly desire? It takes great trust and clarity for a woman to receive herself deeply enough to follow that in her life, to firstly align with her own very nature above anyone or anything outside of her.

The temptation to engage in the play of life, to lose connection with herself in the reflection; in the mirror outside – of the other, is large. Not unless she is actively nurturing connection to her inner being will a woman have enough energy inside, to focus on her power of receiving. It is important, actually, it’s VITAL for a woman to be focused on her inner alignment, to be receptive to and attract her true desires.

Teachings for a woman to align with her Feminine Source are deeply weaved into the Tigress Yoga practice, and it really does happen through surrendering to the physiological process of this womanly yoga. However, at some point we must also consciously understand what we are doing too. Because it does change your reality to re-align with self nourishment as the centre of your world. And even after years of having Tigress Yoga work through my system, I am constantly deepening direct connection to my Feminine Source, or to my own original nature that I am here to fully express.

I really appreciate how our biology mirrors our psychology and all levels of being. Years ago when I first intellectually conceived of woman’s power of receiving, it simplified things for me. The potency of a female egg in human reproduction makes all the decisions, she chooses which of the millions of sperm will penetrate her. She chooses the one who will imprint her & incode her with his consciousness, mixing with her own. She instinctually selects what she will nurture, gestate and birth into being. So what are you choosing? Are you choosing sovereignty as a woman as a non-negotiable priority?

When a woman is practicing feminine arts without actively connecting to, and therefore nourishing, her own Feminine Source, she may end up becoming receptive to other people’s agendas without realising it.

Often women just ‘go with the flow’ and confuse the concepts of surrendering and receiving, with accepting anything a man brings to her, because she loves him. Even if it may not be in her highest good, or his. In this way, women are putting themselves last. I caught myself doing this recently – it was a very vulnerable discovery indeed. And if you follow my work, you will know what I have to say about what happens when a woman doesn’t prioritise her pleasure! We come out of alignment with ourselves. And when that happens, depletion begins and worlds are built that are on shaky ground; because whatever we put before god other than god, will eventually make us its slave (love that quote). When our Feminine Source is not being fully nourished inside, nothing of true health is birthed from that place, for everyone – man, woman, child or community. It is our divine responsibility and our divine right as women, to align with the full health, potency and truth of our original divine blueprint. It’s the felt sense of our own sacredness and desire for freedom from anything that inhibits the full flowering of who we really are.

So how do you know if you are receiving what’s best for you or not? It’s definitely not something that can be willed into being just by knowing the concepts about it. You can know it by what you FEEL. It feels like the most lush place you can possibly imagine. It feels pure and whole. It feels like god. It makes you come alive with every cell, on every level of your being. It’s consistent and powerful. It is where you feel most held and lavished with the love of life itself.

It is a process of receiving ourselves as women, and coming to know WHAT THAT FEELS LIKE in our bodies. Tigress Yoga is all about communing with our instinctual nature as women, and that then aligns our deep sensual intelligence with our conscious awareness. To distinguish thought, emotion, feeling and sensation from each other is very rewarding for us as women. It undoes the hold of the mind with all it’s crazy ideas.

Above all concepts, preferences and desires that contain attachment to how I want things to be; I deeply trust my instinctual knowing. To have that firmly happening inside, is such a relief. It’s my anchor as I navigate my way through the illusions of the world. It means I don’t get so swept up in my own stories or other people’s stories. It doesn’t mean I know what the outcome will be. It doesn’t mean that it has to make any logical sense either. But when the serenity of aligning with my own feminine nature is happening; when I am focused on receiving the most beautiful vision I can dream for myself, I trust that feeling in my body completely. It silences my mind from all its questions. And I wait. No, it’s not waiting, it’s pure being. It’s honouring what is best for me and trusting that I am then a magnet for what life truly desires for me. It can only be the best, because it’s what god desires for me.

In this way there is no grasping, no wishing, no waiting, no hoping, no complaining – it’s simply being.

Being in the full freedom of the power of my receptivity.

xx Dévashi

Note: I neutralised & made peace with the word God long ago, so if it doesn’t work for you replace it with goddess, love, the divine, life or whatever takes your fancy 😉

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  1. naree says:

    This writing is utterly gorgeous and beautiful. Yes to our pleasure and yes to choosing my sovereignty as a non-negotiable priority. Makes me roar with absolute delight!!!!..The transformative fire of a healing heart embedded deeply in the womb of life.

  2. Wow Devashi! Thank you so much for your much needed guidance.

  3. Keri Krieger says:

    Such a gorgeous stunning post! I am loving waking up and listening to your feminine sovereignty meditation every morning and loving the truth that is the feminine body wisdom we hold. Love! Xx

    • Dévashi Shakti says:

      Yes Keri! I think it is the most popular course in PYP so far. And after writing this article, my body wisdom has shown me even more 🙂

  4. helen says:

    And there are so many layers of this to heal in the collective female psyche and cultures. We who are alive and embody Woman at this time have big work on our hands (or big pleasure?!)

  5. Karakrista says:

    Profoundly beautiful writing beautiful woman. That is a masterpiece of expression. I know that because I’m in a place beyond words … I’ve just floated into the mystery …. of instinct, intuition, deep inner knowing ….. deep peace, rest and surrender. You’ve just opened up a portal to my inner being and I’m inspired to be quiet and listen so that my next word, my next move is real and true to my divine, blissful feminine essence, the essence of me.
    You see, you’ve got me waxing lyrically too….. 🙂
    Thank you.
    Just beautiful,
    Love & JOY to you,
    Karakrista x0x0x

    • Dévashi Shakti says:

      Thanks for your kind words my love. Sounds like it took you to a very beautiful, magical place, thanks for sharing how you are touched x

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