A Whole Body Prayer

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Finally! A feminine spiritual practise that embraces sensuality & sexuality as holy and divine. 


Imagine a sensuous, guided journey of generating your real feminine power, in what feels like a whole body prayer. Tigress Yoga offers vitality secrets specifically designed to awaken your female body. For many women, they speak of it as quenching a thirst they didn’t even know they had. It’s like being deeply hydrated from within, where what was laying dormant inside gets to arise in Her full glory. Think of living in a desert and then coming across a glorious oasis that is actually real. Some say coming to Tigress Yoga is like finding a pot of gold or being given permission to have something that’s always been out of reach. And even if embodying Shakti is already familiar, it’s a brilliant way of nourishing your feminine essence, with a highly effective structure to dissolve into, in the company of women you get to receive more from than you can practising alone.

You don’t need to pretend to be an asexual person with this womanly approach to yoga. And yet it will take you to states of inner stillness, along with deep self acceptance. Learning sacred female vitality arts is essential if you are a woman, because it’s about the intelligent management of your natural inner resources. One of the primary teachings of Tigress Yoga, is that as women, we already have our own authentic spirituality, simply by being alive in a female body.

Finding peace with vulnerability, activating the creative power of your womb, becoming multi-orgasmic, enjoying solo communion with the divine through your body, distinguishing the difference of feeling vs emotion, sensitising the real energy of your breasts & heart, awakening the hidden aliveness inside your vulva, waking up to your own authentic purpose & finding the courage to follow it – all of this + more is commonly experienced in our classes. For women to find this Shakti sadhana (feminine spiritual practise), is a blessing in it’s relevance for being in female form.

And to trust that no one there will take advantage of your emerging radiance, or cause you to compromise your sexual boundaries, is a rare gift in this modern world of conscious sexuality exploration. Every woman deserves that safety and respect as she discovers the incredible beauty she has inside. It’s primarily for her, to fill herself up from the depths of her feminine source to the heights of her starry origins.

No more do you need to be overtly or subtly told, “better luck next time being born a man so you can attain enlightenment.” Not that I as the Creatress of Tigress Yoga claim to be enlightened, however the notion in various spiritual traditions that woman is spiritually inferior needs reviewing. And there needn’t be energy lost in feeling emotional about that, because it’s more worthwhile to invest that energy in cultivating our Shakti instead.

Part of the prayer in Tigress Yoga, is finding one’s way through the masks and layers that separate women from each other. It’s often a challenge for new students, yet a truly rewarding one to meet. Once there in the circle, each woman has the chance to recognise that the only thing standing between her and her full feminine potential is the illusions she allows inside of her. The yogini process itself, is like an unravelling or an unplugging from all that is not true, and re-orientating to the reality of her essential nature, as a woman of love & pleasure. It is not only a very personal prayer, it’s something that extends to the nourishment of the collective feminine soul.

If you have been enjoying a state of flow in Tigress Yoga for a while, having passed through the initial stages of self consciousness and comparison; what words of wisdom or reflections would you share to new students?

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  1. Fran Adams says:

    I believe wholeheartedly in developing ones own sexual energy and learning to use that energy is a connection with the Divine instead of merely focusing on a physical orgasm. My focus now is to achieve this even without a partner. I believe too many woman are dependent on the other to complete this process. Are there steps or meditations to assist with this?

  2. Pauline Gallacher says:

    Thank you Devahshi. I am so excited to take Tigress Yoga to WA. xx

  3. Tigress Yoga has, by far, changed my life in ways I could never imagine. It has stripped me to the core of my being and I am now in a place of remembering who I truly am. I am now learning to love myself again…. truly, madly, deeply. It wasn’t hard for me to fall in love with this practice, despite being scared shitless of it at the same time. It made me really look at myself right in the face! I had to acknowledge and understand the parts of myself that I had discarded. I became aware of how disconneted I was to my beautiful womb, ovaries, breasts and heart. I was unaware of the power that I had contained right there in my pelvic bowl!! I couldn’t believe it when began re-connecting with them, I couldn’t believe how much I had cut them off.. they were complete universes within themselves just screaming for me to discover them again. This practice allows me to go deep and express myself in ways that only women know how. You’ll be surprised about how much of the primal wild women in you screams to be free. There is something really quite magical when a circle of women comes together energetically and taps back into their true divinity. Thank you from the deepest parts of my female soul Devashi Shakti and thank you to my amazing and inspiring teacher Kelly! Roarrrrrrrrrrrr <3

    • Dévashi Shakti says:

      thanks for such honesty sharing Pauline & you’ve just shared why you will be such a beautiful Instructor for women to feel Tigress Yoga with you in WA coming up soon. What a wonderful guide you will be xo

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