Sensual Goddess Time


Recently I had the opportunity to see Marianne Williamson speak live in Brisbane. One of the many gems of wisdom she shared was about the need for women to have ‘Goddess Time.’ Specifically 30 minutes of Goddess Time at the end of the day, as a transition after work. She shared this from her own explorations of learning about relationship, and it’s actually from one of her teachers, Pat Allen. I’ve added to this the title of Sensual Goddess Time’, to spell out the flavour of how to use this time for optimal results. Whether you are a busy woman with a family or a single woman with no children, this applies to you.

Those of you who read these Tigress blogs will already be aware of the need to nurture our feminine energy, so that we are nourishing the source of our female power and not depleting ourselves. And many of you will already be aware of the need to maintain polarity in relationship with an intimate partner, to keep desire alive over time. This also applies to the relationship a woman has with herself, so she doesn’t end up thinking in an achievement-oriented way, right up until her head hits the pillow at night. It will be a process for every woman to introduce Sensual Goddess Time into her day, especially if she has a partner and children, who might not be used to her taking time for herself. As soon as her partner realises though that everyone benefits from a woman shifting out of masculine work mode into her feminine presence, they will help to make it happen. Because not many women who are mothers can maintain every day: direction mode at work, followed by looking after children, cooking dinner, cleaning and then feeling sexually alive in bed every night. If you know the pain of that particular pressure, start with Sensual Goddess Time just 2 times per week so you can see the results.

What is Sensual Goddess Time?

It’s a 30 minute transition at the end of your working day, so you can shift into your feminine energy. Take all the time you can, though at least 30 minutes is recommended. Of course you can play with your Sensual Goddess Time in any way you like, however some things are simply more effective than others. Eg, going for a walk or having a free-form dance is what some describe as their meditation and although it may be a great & fun thing to do, it doesn’t usually provide the full chemical, brain wave shift that a focused meditation does. Hopefully you give yourself the chance to experience all of those things though, while understanding that some practises are designed to shift consciousness and effect your nervous system with maximum impact.

If you have been enjoying Tigress Yoga, you will already know that spiritual practise for women is something that needs to also engage our feminine energy, rather than only doing a traditional meditation that can leave you feeling a-sexual. With the Tigress Essentials digital course, (where you can practise a short version of Tigress Yoga with me in your home), this 20 minute practise is a highly effective way to enjoy your Sensual Goddess Time. And it leaves another 10 minutes or so, where you can decide what fits best for you on that day. The results that hundreds of women have been experiencing from Tigress Yoga can be summed up as:

  • deep self nourishment, self confidence & authentic self love
  • expansion of female orgasm & sexual desire
  • re-igniting sexual pleasure in relationship
  • making peace with your feminine nature
  • discovering sensuality as a pathway to presence

Your home is your sanctuary and you are the goddess of your home. So especially if you have a high pressure job, there is now an enjoyable and self loving thing you can do instead of just turning on the TV when you get home from work, or unknowingly bringing your stress from the day into your family environment.  It helps that you can be guided with the video or listen to the audio in the process too, which actually helps to soften back into your amazing feminine nature. Receptivity is fundamental to successfully making this shift out of masculine mode into our feminine delight. Just press play and follow the steps. Incorporating Tigress Yoga into your transition time at the end of your work day, will replenish you and reconnect you with your pleasure and feminine presence. Think of Tigress Yoga as white space for your orgasm!


white space orgasm pic

This guided version of Tigress Yoga I’m referring to is only 20 minutes. So if you want to try bringing 30 minutes of Sensual Goddess Time into your day, you’ve got another 10 minutes or so to play with. Here are some suggestions to experiment with of what to do with those extra 10 minutes, so you can get maximum results:

* Stay in deep relaxation – when the Tigress Essentials video or audio has finished, it leaves you in a lying down position on your back to rest. Have some a pillow, a yoga bolster (for under your knees), an eye pillow & a blanket nearby so you can get really cozy while you enjoy a full 10 minutes of deep rest. Note: deep relaxation does not mean lying comfortably while you bring attention to all the thoughts in your mind – focus on your deep calm breathing & let go.

* Sit up for meditation – if you don’t know how to meditate or haven’t found one that you enjoy, try following these easy steps: get comfortable, focus on your breath and feel yourself smiling as you bring all focus from your head into your heart/chest area. Let the feeling of your heart expand more & more, as you focus on soft feelings of appreciation towards yourself & let go. For those who find meditation gruelling or hard to begin, please know it is especially easy to do after already doing your 20 minute Tigress Yoga practise at home.

* Wear something that feels sensual & move your body to music you love – instead of saying dance, I’ve suggested moving your body to music so you don’t go into ‘dance mode’, instead allowing a more intuitive movement to happen. Feel your feet, focusing especially on your hips & pelvis moving slowly and repetitively, as though entering into a gentle trance. Luxuriate in this time to yourself and acknowledge yourself for this sacred time, before flowing with this vibe into the rest of your evening, bringing your feminine spirit to preparing food etc.

* Tend to your bedroom and/or home temple space – put on something long & flowing (if you enjoy that), while you water your plants, play music you love, light some candles, burn essential oils – create a space that makes your senses come alive. Move deliberately and consciously, enjoying every nuance and gesture of your body as you light the candles and as you water those plants. Stay in your sensory experience as you move towards making delicious food to eat.

When you give some of these things a try, let us know how it was for you? Did it change how you feel towards yourself? Did it change the family dynamic? How did it affect things with your partner?



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