Sexual Exploitation of Women in Tantra part 2

sexual-exploitation-of-women-in-tantraWhen I made the first video, I made it for those of you who are in this community, and for women you know. Those of you who have met me, understand that I’m not anti-men. I am however interested in self empowerment for women and more awareness from men in this context. If I had of realised how much my video would be viewed beyond my women’s community, I probably would have made sure I wasn’t having such a bad hair day 🙂

I intentionally made the first video short with one clear message.  I was saying that yes, these dynamics do happen and yes, there is a place beyond feeling so angry and traumatised about it. This video here is longer than usual, because I have taken the time be a little more thorough in explaining where I’m coming from. I used to feel angry, upset and confused about these things, but I’ve had so much exposure to it now, that I I’ve found a new place with it all. I wanted to share about that place to women in these circles, who may be feeling stuck or a bit lost.

I choose to focus on what is productive and directly useful to women who have been asking for more information from me on this matter. In fact some women wrote to me saying they are upset that more female teachers are not saying much about these dynamics. I understand the student’s pain because often they are processing so much self doubt, confusion, sometimes trauma, and feel quite alone in it.  I understand why so few teachers are bringing these things to the light, because they can get attacked by people who make assumptions and then try to cut them down for standing up and saying something. And some thought I was exaggerating which indicates they have no idea just how common these dynamics really are for women in the tantric scene. 

One of the greatest things about being a turned on woman who is in touch with her desire, is that my instincts are ON and it’s now very unlikely for me to be manipulated. 

To be honest, this issue is not an interesting conversation to me anymore. I would so much prefer to be putting my focus and energy into creating more beauty in this world & sharing more with you about what’s coming in Tigress Yoga. So for those who contacted me, hopefully this video answers questions you’ve had.

These men are all playing their part, and so am I. I’m pleased to finally be at peace with how I feel in relation to these teachers, and I no longer doubt my feminine wisdom. 

Amplifying the duality of this situation is not my intention. Self empowerment for women is. 

(Please excuse the glitchy editing due to building sounds in the background, seems it happens a lot here in Thailand. In fact, it’s kinda appropriate because nobody’s perfect :-))


* Sex with a teacher is not actually required to “unblock” a woman’s energy. Sound healing, tantric bodywork, yoni massage, tigress yoga + more is highly effective to shift energy and maintain clear boundaries with female students, if done with respect and care. I am referring to situations where students are told they must for their spiritual path. *

If you know of a woman who could benefit from the messages in this video, please forward this blog onto her & if you appreciate this message, feel free to comment below.

Om Tare Tuttare Ture Svaha

(She who has healthy boundaries; who can say no with love and give mercy/ compassion)


x Dévashi

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  1. Nisha says:

    Thank you Devashi for your deep courage and incisiveness in speaking to the “elephant in the room”. Boundaries are sacrasanct wherever there is a power differential such as in teacher-student or therapist-client relations. While some people may act from a place of ignorance and unconsciousness it is time to shift cultural norms and stem the damage – with love, but no excuses and no holds barred. I believe you are doing just that <3

    • Dévashi Shakti says:

      Thanks so much Nisha,
      I must say, I have a big love for ‘crazy wisdom’ dynamic teachers, but as you say it’s time to bring more love – especially to situations of young women learning about their sexual boundaries. The option to have guidance through it or have a referral system would be a good complement in these places. And as I say, it takes attention on one’s own recepetivity & sensitivity to care enough in the first place x

  2. AnRa MaEl says:

    Thanking! It is time for this maddness to see the light of day … compassionately. I love that you make it clear that is largely due to ignorance. Blessings, xxx

    • Dévashi Shakti says:

      Yes, I just don’t believe that most people do intend harm to others. When we recognise that, the cycle of trauma can lift for us. And we can make wiser decisions in who we seek spiritual guidance from. Thanks for your contribution to the blog AnRa x

  3. Blessings Devashi, Very well spoken. You have addressed important matters in a sound and graceful way.

  4. Definitely worth committing your insight to film here Devashi. I’m sure this will assist many men and women. Love Charlotte Claire x

    • Dévashi Shakti says:

      Yes! The depth of clarity behind the message has come from the very difficult experiences of male violence that I’ve lived through – re raising one’s vibration beyond the suffering, the real work of inner masculine & feminine alignment + removing all blame, to see only love in these situations. It’s because I had this transformation in how I perceived my own personal experiences that I can apply that to this situation + share it with others. I think it’s been a good few lifetimes in the coming for me.

      And fortunately a talented young woman here wants to do the video again with me for a wider audience – professionally filmed yeahy!
      So I shall summarise it all in a concise video with smooth editing 🙂

  5. Chris says:

    Thank you so much for those clear words comming from the places we want them to come from. I am happy to see that out there is a alternative draft to what seems to go on in some places. Caring, reflective, loving & tantric! I would so much appreciate to see this empowerment in women coming from the dephts of Shakti (or whereever it comes from) more and more. Increadibly adorable and encouraging.

    • Dévashi Shakti says:

      Ha! thanks Chris for your kindness and for seeing where I’m coming from.

      And I know it will serve you well on your path to appreciate the essence of this message. It baffles me that so many men don’t fathom how just how beloved they would really be in the hearts of SO many women if they truly respected their students from the start. What a man can receive from understanding the deeper feminine nature is infinitely greater & going to bring him WAY more spiritual nourishment than the short term satisfaction found in taking advantage of her vulnerability and inexperience. It does require inner work though. So it depends on whether he’s in it for real spiritual growth. If he’s trying to fill himself up with self worth and confidence by offering tantric services to women, it will backfire. He may not be able to see it right away, especially if he’s entertained by his exploits, but if he continues in that direction, he will come to know a distinct emptiness inside. I know this because I feel it in them & it makes my heart hurt to be around it…. it is sad.

  6. sahajyogi says:

    Great information Devashi. Important topic to get out there, and often not spoken.

    • Dévashi Shakti says:

      Thanks Sahaj + most importantly, thank you for being a man who is not exploiting women in tantra. Thank YOU!

  7. Donna Bowen says:

    Devi!!! Amazing words of wisdom! Thanks for sharing in your position of experience and authority as a leader in the field! You’re community is behind you! 🙂

    • Dévashi Shakti says:

      Your support is so valued as always dear one thank you & I’m so glad you are part of this community xo

  8. Thank you Devashi for your words, you are a beacon!
    Blessed Be and Blessed Do!!

  9. catherine pourreau says:

    Hello Dearest Sister

    just wanting to share that I feel that you did a great job with this video and a challenging but most important topic in the field of sacred sexuality and may I say sexuality as a whole. As a therapist, integrity, duty of care, honesty, authenticity, empathy and loving kindness are essential elements in a healing relationship with a client – never self aggrandizement. I agree that harm occurs mostly out of ignorance but as therapist we have responsibilities and can not hide behind ignorance. The consequences are karmic. Your integrity and love for your work speaks for itself dear One and always brings a smile to my face. Much love to you for what you embody so well. xoCatherine

    • Dévashi Shakti says:

      Thanks for sharing this Catherine,
      I totally agree with that statement about therapy. Only thing is in the tantric world, gurus and swamis are not bound by the duty of care type structure that therapists are. But yes there is karma for it of course, which is why I already know they are going to pay, not by anything I do or say though. It’s the presence of the Mother that is missing in these places for men to be playing with power in this way. Ma, as in Durga. And that……is up to us 🙂

  10. kerryanne ansari says:

    I think its imperative that you put this information out Devashi. As a young women I was confronted by this very issue with a “Guru” in India that I had trusted. He insisted that he needed to sleep with me for my own healing. I did not submit but did have massage work. However he tried to take to further which really was adding wound to wound.When boundaries are an issue for a women, especially if she has been abused this is just horrifically damaging. SO thanks for the bad hair day, you are potentially protecting others.


    • Dévashi Shakti says:

      Thank you for sharing this Kerryanne, and yes your story is very very common. This is often how women learn to have healthy boundaries, however I’m calling for teachers to raise the bar on how they engage with women in the first place, so they don’t need to learn through pain. It tends to be part of the initiation though, so when it does occur, there are ways we can still turn it into a positive experience for our own wellbeing via gaining the integration that I’ve mentioned.
      And hahaha yes the second video also didn’t reveal a fantastic hair day either – but that is life living on the beach (hello leo moon :-))

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