Shakti Must Come First

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Model: Giorgia Palmas


Who are you in a primary relationship with?

Whether single, married or involved….

Think about it.

What do you have to really give if you don’t have all of you to share?


I see the way men look at me when they realise who I am in what I stand for, as the Founder of Tigress Yoga. It’s a look of longing and desire – not just of me but for themselves and their own freedom. And I see the way women get so curious when they realise what I have, from both the professional and unorthodox ways I’ve explored for my own embodiment – what is frowned upon becomes the most alluring energy in the room when women get together and relate beyond the masks of their roles and identities in the world. All women meet their longing to know their own erotic self, with a genuine hunger, especially when in an environment that permits the existence of Her wild instinctual nature.


So how will Shakti get to come first in your life?

By YOU valuing Her.

By you actually giving focus and energy to nourishing that most important relationship.

By you having the courage to be claimed by Her, to surrender to Her, in service to love and aliveness for all.

What’s it going to take in your life as a woman?

What needs to shift?

Are you waiting for someone to give you permission? It’s never going to happen – because we’re all afraid of facing the intensity of life itself. Many would prefer you to remain an unchanging safe zone for them, both friends and partner/lovers. And if you allow that to to be dictated to you from another or you never give yourself the chance to explore your real energy, She suffocates. Nobody wins in that situation.

SHE is the life in us all.

How do YOU serve Her?

How do you nourish Her?

She breathes through you.


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  1. Fran Adams says:

    It is a blessing to free your feelings!

  2. Donna says:

    “Nobody puts Shakti in a corner (or box).’ Thanks Dirty Dancing!!! Shakti CANNOT be contained. The more I delve into the depths of my woman and cultivate my feminine essence I am beginning to choose experiences and lifestyle choices that are in the depths of my hearts true calling regardless of what I thought it “Sould” look like. It’s fucking scary and exhilarating and liberating at the same time!! I have no idea what the end result will be. For right now, I am following the feeling that beings me the most joy, pleasure and bliss!! ***Happy Wiggle***

  3. kat says:

    Ive witnessed the power of shakti recently, and it can stir up all sorts in others too… it forces others to see the truth and sometimes that means an even greater holding power in the shakti that bounced back. Its an ever evolving cycle that can test you but pushes you through in a raw and wonderful way. I do feel the hardest thing is that people can be unready and you have to adjust ina beautiful way for them to experience it more simply but still gracefully..

    • Dévashi Shakti says:

      Integration of this energy is profoundly important for one’s own wellbeing and yes also to communicate from this place. Yes x

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