The Value Of Time Out


White space.

It’s essential to nourishing our feminine nature.

No plan, no to-do list, no pressure, no goal, no rush,

no busyness,

and yet an amazing outcome.


We’ve been taught not to value doing nothing.

Or rather, we’ve been taught we have no value if we aren’t doing.

Though doing nothing is actually doing something really important & productive.

In the chance to recalibrate, to integrate, to recharge,

we find fresh perspective & more creative thought emerges effortlessly.


Consider this permission for white space

and permission to create it regularly,

as an investment in your work, in your vision & vitality,

with an internet detox if you dare.

It will expand the bandwidth of your whole being.


I am worthy of being.

I am enough.

It is enough that I am.

I value my white space.

In white space I feel my true value.

(image from tumblr)


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  1. Dévashi Shakti says:

    I didn’t actually notice what her right hand was doing when I first selected this image…….lets just pretend she’s extinguishing her incense stick or something 😉

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