Woman’s Ravenous Sexual Desire

sexual-desire-libido-in-women-tigress-yogaJust yesterday I finished another powerful skype session with a woman who was excited about returning to a state of blissful balance within herself, by being encouraged to own her own desire. I gave her some fun suggestions and freely shared some info from my own explorations about how I stay connected to my desire, without losing myself in emotionality or losing myself in the man – you know, the kind of losing yourself that ends up shutting down your desire altogether.  

Last time it was ‘Fifty Shades of Grey that called attention to female sexuality and now it’s a new book by Daniel Bergner, called ‘What Do Women Want?: Adventures in the Science of Female Desire’. He states that women’s sexual desire is just as strong and ‘ravenous’ as man’s sexual desire. It draws comparisons to sex and desire in the animal world & shines the light on the power and range of female sexuality. It certainly raises some questions for many people and has the potential of un-doing some old, outworn conditioning.

Really, it’s highlighting that a woman’s sexuality is just as potent as a man’s. The great thing about this is it gives a sense of permission for a woman to claim her own desire. Yes! Fantastic!

We are well past the Victorian era perception of women as the always passive ones, who begrudgingly respond to a man’s desire, as though she doesn’t experience sexual desire within herself. And now there is a growing social awareness of how women are NOT necessarily innately monogamous, while men are the ones who want to spread their seed far and wide. Desire itself does not discriminate and can be very turned on, in either gender.

Rather than this painting a picture that women are now free to be like men, instead it can highlight the range of what female sexuality is capable of experiencing. Because there is a lot more to it than approaching men and initiating sex, although that can be a fun part too. 

The most liberating thing about this for women is the dawning social perception that women are just as free to feel sexual as men are – because lets face it, that’s usually been a psychological understanding attached to the male gender. Not that you need permission from a book to claim your own desire, however when the cultural attitude supports you feeling free in your sexuality, it can really help.

Tigress Yoga is clearly a practice for women that does cultivate female desire and gives women a sense of freedom and permission to be authentic to themselves. It also helps a woman to open her heart, let go of old emotions and feel connected to her wholeness within.

“‘I just had two funny conversations,’ Bergner, author of ‘What Do Women Want?’ told Salon.com. 

‘One with a male writer, a friend of mine, who said that reading the book had inspired deep concern, and another from an editor who said that it had scared the bejesus out of him. [Laughter] I laugh, but I think that maybe it should, and I hope that it at least lets us look past the blinders that we’ve had on.'”


So what all this highlights is a common question among our community, of whether men are intimidated by women who practice Tigress Yoga?

If you are a man reading this article, please feel free to comment. Whether or not you partnered with a woman who does Tigress Yoga, your contribution is welcome. Does the thought of a woman who is cultivating her sensual and sexual vitality scare you? If no, why not? And if yes, why?

eg. if a woman is able to experience multiple orgasmicness without you, how does that make you feel?

if her sexual desire happens to be stronger than yours how does that make you feel?

and does it inspire anything in you?

are we scary?




With Love,

Dévashi Shakti xx








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  1. El Rah says:

    What is important to me is the depth of her surrender to her shakti power and wisdom in her body. Ultimately my greatest pleasure is in bathing in her radiance, totally orgasmically fulfilled and satiated in her desire. In order for this to happen I have to be present to hold her safely and allow her pleasure to be free of judgement , expectation or routine.

    Rather than fear of her sexual desire, I feel reverence and gratitude to be sharing in her radiant power. When she is moving in waves of energy, mind totally submerged in the bliss of release, she radiates with a beauty and light that is exquisite and deeply healing. i find that to breathe in this energy is the elixir of deepest contentment and far surpasses the orgasmic release from my own body. I love her on top, weaving through waves of her own pleasure and gifting me with the bliss that is honey magic to my heart and soul.

    Control a woman? Enslave her for mind-sex? These paths just lead to greater neediness and more dependence on external energy to satisfy the deep emptiness within. The fear created by not getting what you THINK you want, by rejection and shame, is not worth the brief moments of release. Yet when she is in her sexy, prowling un-ashamed lustiness, it is all I can do to treat her to the ride she deserves to satiate her feminine need to be filled with love and energy. The more I give to her, the more she blesses me with her heart and light and that is a treasure I will give my all to receive.

    Bring it on ladies! Great work Devashi!

    • Juniper Quin says:

      YOU! You are an inspiring man, and I know your words to be true because I am utterly free and powerful beyond measure when my partner holds space for me in the way you have described. You say it’s healing for you when your partner “is moving in waves of energy, mind totally submerged in the bliss of release,” but I can tell you that it’s healing for your partner, too. When we can find perfect balance in divine union, we are not only healing ourselves and each other, but the whole earth. And that is desperately needed at this time. Thank you! Please speak to other people about your views, hold men’s circles, and keep writing.

  2. Fran Adams says:

    My grandmother allways said, ” What’s good for the goose is good for the gander”. I think I know what she meant now. Better late than never. Thank you for your enlightening articles….love

  3. Dévashi Shakti says:

    First up I love the thought of a woman who is cultivating her sensual and sexual vitality. It makes her super attractive and it’s exciting. I know a lot of guys who have and are taking the time to foster their own masculinity, their sense of self, their purpose and their abilities to pleasure and connect in the bedroom. It’s awesome when we meet a woman who can ‘meet us’ in this department. Who knows what the limit will be?

    I’m definitely intimidated by women who have cultivated their Shakti essence. And I hope I meet many more of them! To meet such a woman is an invitation to be fiercely present with her and it’s a calling to closely examine where and why I may feel inadequate and to do something about it.

    It’s also an opportunity to let go of my ego, my need to “do it right”, or my need to prove something and instead focus on relating to her. If I’m in my ego and a woman experiences multiple orgasms without me then I will feel pretty superfluous. On the other hand if I’m staying connected and in a frame of service, or “what can I give” rather than “what can I get”, then her multiple orgasms are something that I get to share and delight in. And it’s a huge turn on for me too! Everybody wins…

    I think the best thing a woman with a lot of Shakti, a lot of desire, and lot of turn on can do is remember this phrase: “The woman is in control; let the man win”. I’m finding continuing inspiration from exploring what this means. A fully turned on, juicy, multi-orgasmic, Shakti-fied woman who is totally in touch with her pleasure will intimidate and emasculate a man if she doesn’t include him on her ride and let him win.

    As an example, if a man is stroking your clitoris and he’s treating it like a mini penis (guilty of doing this myself), saying something like “that’s too hard” or “I don’t like that” is not letting the man win. He has no idea what to do other than to stop doing what he’s doing (and probably feel bad about not being able to please you).

    On the other hand, if you say something like “when you stroke me just like this it makes my pussy so hungry for your gorgeous cock” – what do you think he’s going to do? He’s going to stroke it just like that! And probably for as long as you can handle! Especially if you show him how much you like it with your moans of pleasure and your bucking hips.

    A woman in touch with her desire can guide a man by fully expressing her desire and pleasure, which in turn heightens both her pleasure, his ability to please you, and his own turn on. So the man gets to know how to really pleasure you, you get to experience even more pleasure, and once again Everybody wins! In this way a juicy Tigress Yogini gets to receive all the pleasure she can handle and the lucky man with you has no fear of being intimidated by your turn on or your multiple orgasms because he knows he is welcomed on the ride.

    That’s why I can’t wait to meet more women who are consciously opening their hearts and cultivating their sexual vitality.
    – Russ

    • Dévashi Shakti says:

      Wow Russ thanks for your open and encouraging response, I really love your honesty! 🙂
      Thank you thank you thank you xo

  4. sahajyogi says:

    women desire generally scares the shit out of men, that is why we have to learn Sexual Kung Fu Once the guy realizes that a woman is way more sexually potent in desire and pleasure than a man, he will do his best to cultivate himself, and sensitivity to bring his woman into her spiritual/physical bliss through sex. Until men face their fear of women’s sexual potency they will always punish women instead of serve them and the divine woman that that they are. Keep up the great work Devashi, the ocean wave of women will inspire a few surfer guys out there to ride the wave..

    • Dévashi Shakti says:

      I love your honesty Sahaj thank you, really it’s very helpful to hear a man name it as clearly as you have. And thank you for the great work you are doing too xo

  5. Tom says:

    I adore the free spirited independent woman who expresses her inner sensuality openly, even that wildness too, and has let go of jealousy and is free to roam and dance where she pleases. I wish there were more of you. Carry on the good work. Tom

  6. Samantha Spirit says:

    Love reading all of the Men’s comments .. thank you

  7. Adrian says:

    As a man, when I’m in the presence of an empowered woman, the genuine expression on all levels and the sincerity is irresistibly attractive. It makes me feel safe because the words reflect the body language and everything is in sync. When there are no hidden thoughts and agendas, the heart can relax in the now and this is when the real magic happens and I can surrender completely…

    • Dévashi Shakti says:

      I really like the clear example you gave Adrian of when you feel safe. That’s a great contribution thank you 🙂

  8. Charles says:

    I love the idea of woman consciously cultivating her sexual essence. It’s her nature and from my experience really stimulates her creative essence which translates to well, more creativity. More creativity in the way she expresses herself through her body and her being in the world. This can lead to a turned on woman who knows what she wants and won’t compromise. Which in turn for me means I learn more about my own authentic desire in relation to her.
    I don’t know where we got this idea that it’s wrong for our partners to enjoy themselves without us. Seems kinda ludicrous. I experience compersion at the thought of my partners body being rocked my orgasmic juiciness and her screaming out in delight. I enjoy that in my own self pleasuring practice why shouldn’t she.

    Scary …… no way…… very desirable …Yessiree…

  9. Josh says:

    There are few things I find more attractive than a woman who is in touch with her sexual desire and power, and who is open and confident with her sexual vitality. I find it tiring if I am in a position where I need to be consistently initiating and driving the sexual side of a relationship…in fact I find it draining when I’m consistently responsible for any aspect of a relationship (social activities, growth, cooking, sexual relationship, etc.) and I personally find it attractive when a partner can meet me half-way on all facets, and of course drive the process sometimes too. Apart from the intellectual rationalisation, there’s something just fundamentally very attractive about a women who is comfortable in her sexual desire. I’d find it attractive if she could experiencing multiple orgasms without me (eg: through self-pleasure), and was comfortable and confident with that.

  10. Jeremy says:

    What a fantastic article!

    I can only speak for myself, but for me, there is nothing terrifying about the beauty of moving with what is real.

    Being with a woman that approaches sex with determination, curiosity and innocence evokes a deep peace within me. It helps me to accept my own desires as perfectly acceptable and natural.

    Together our dance helps me to connect more deeply with the divine.

    I don’t fear her ability to pleasure herself or to satisfy her desires with other men and women (if that is her choice) – because I know with certainty that when we are together I will be met in the present with what is true.

    That reflection is humbling and empowering.

    • Dévashi Shakti says:

      That’s a powerful place you are speaking from Jeremy, thank you for being open and clear in your support of women being self-possessed in our sexual vitality 🙂

  11. Stewart says:

    My partner practices Tigress Yoga. Since she has been progressively evolving with her practice I have noticed
    that her presence is consistent in the the realm we create together during ‘play time’. She always brings a significant resonance of Shakti to the bedroom, which is potent, free & damn right SEXY!

    This opens up doorways for me as a man. Quite recently especially I have felt surrender in the moment of play time. Expectations of an outcome are less significant as there is opportunity for us both to explore our own sexual wisdom & each others.

    Scary? Not at all! In fact the more surprises that occur the better I say!
    For me personally my sexual nature has become more present in love making, to be sharing these experiences with a highly expressive, free, exciting & smoking hot partner, whom is primal yet supportive in her nature, fills me with so much gratitude…. & pleasure 🙂

    🙂 X

    • Dévashi Shakti says:

      I’m so glad to hear of how a Tigress woman is supportive to you in your masculinity Stewart, thanks for sharing so beautifully with us here xo

  12. Sean says:

    Love your work!

  13. Jasper says:

    I like the idea of a women being free and open with her sexuality and frankly it would make things a whole lot easier for us men, who sometimes can’t always read when a women is interested in sex or when we should make our move. I am pretty sure I could have sex everyday if a women was up for it, but then again, I also wish to keep the sacredness of sex alive, and this sometimes requires patience and periods of abstinence. There is nothing more empowering for a man that being in the position of saying no to a women’s sexual advances, just to drive her more wild. I believe the key to really good sex is when you are fully immersed in the happiness of your partner, however, it is just as important (even as a man) to be open to receive such selfless love from a women. A balance is always needed. If my partner is having multiple orgasms without me, well I am in once sense very happy for her, but it is also a bit disempowering for us men, who feel that it is our role to be the catalyst of her pleasure. If her sexual desire is stronger than mine, I am very happy, because I know then that I will never be in want and can go about my life happy knowing that my sexual pleasure is secure. Such a women is not at all scary. Challenging and maybe exhausting, but not scary.

    • Dévashi Shakti says:

      Thanks for sharing honestly about your experience Jasper – and I hope reading some of comments from other men here is supportive to you x

      • Paul says:

        It is the most fascinating subject in the world – I stand corrected but sexuality and spirituality are the most wonderful attributes that we are all born equally with – wow doesn’t it go pear shaped from then on – if you can understand and get your head around both then it is a magnificent part of our life that you can control and enjoy- bring on the education – out with geography and in with Tigress Yoga – males need it as much if not more than females – yes females can be scary but at the same time mystical – us males have a lot to learn. – your work is a blessing

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