Birth Preparation the Tigress Way



Tigress Yoga played an instrumental part in helping me prepare for the most empowered, ecstatic experience of my life -the undisturbed birth of my second son, at home.


I continued my Tigress practice well into my pregnancy, for as long as I felt to, modifying positions along the way with some guidance from Dévashi.To me, Tigress Yoga lends itself extraordinarily well to birth preparation. It IS birth preparation. If you’re not pregnant, you’re birthing your self in many ways. Being such a feminine-centered practice already, for me to apply it to my pregnancy journey just made so much sense. These facets in particular stood out for me:

 Nurturing the heart-womb connection took on a whole new meaning as I deepened the intimate connection to my baby growing within me. Which I believe helped me be more receptive to then having some extraordinary experiences of my son’s consciousness interacting with mine.

The opening of the body, specifically the pelvis of course, and the intrinsic connection of the throat, jaw and mouth, and becoming totally at ease with allowing raw sound and emotion to move through me and facilitate this opening.


Breath and sound were vital keys while I explored and experimented with the energetics of labour. Tigress together with my other preparations and experience with bodywork allowed me to find myself in exquisite connection with my body during labour that had me giggling between contractions, as I rode the waves of absolute pleasure and ecstasy that arose during my labour. I nearly surprised myself, when I heard myself at one point say, “This is so much fun!”


All I can say is a woman’s body has a treasure trove of untapped potential to turn what our society has been falsely conditioned into thinking is a fearful, painful experience, into the most transformative, empowering, and exhilarating process! Devashi speaks of “prioritising your pleasure”…Can you imagine doing this for pregnancy and birth?

I hope very much that I will be able to join the training program with Dévashi in the future, as I would adore to work with women in this way. In the meantime, I’m caring for my now 8-month old, beloved son Josh, and discovering and exploring the ever-new facets of the work I do. Deeply grateful to share, and be a part of this new story writing itself through our bodies.


With love and gratitude,

Catherine Davina


Catherine’s personal journey with feminine embodiment arts played a part in inspiring her to focus on natural beauty in her work. Please go here to see the ‘Eden Natural Beauty’ facebook page to find the services that she offers:


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  1. Kirstan Flannery says:

    Beautiful Catherine, your story is such a wonderful reminder of what’s possible when women trust their instinctual knowing and call to them the exact practises and tools which will deeply support them leading up to and during their unique birth experience. It’s beautiful to hear of how Tigress Yoga helped your during your birth and may you inspire other women to trust their inner knowing to also call in what they most need to have the birth experience that feels right for them. Tigress Yoga is an amazing birth preparation and has so many of the essential ingredients for helping contribute to this time in a woman’s life being a fulfilling and empowering one. Love to you xx

    • Catherine Davina says:

      Thank you for your words Kirstan, and the special part you played in my journey, beloved friend! You inspire me, I love you xx

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