Orgasmic Birth Interview

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The world has a long way to go to embrace what we as women are naturally capable of in our full glory. When a woman doesn’t feel safe to be relaxed and open in her feminine nature, the reality of orgasmic birth can seem impossible. And yet, this is the #1 way we can transform ourselves and the world.

Many women have experienced orgasm in birth but it’s not spoken of often because of the backlash that happens, when it’s expressed that birth can be pleasurable. The reactions range from: conditioned religious programming that says birth is meant to be painful, to prudish anti-pleasure perspectives that say it’s disgusting birth and sex should have any connection – to other women slamming the mother for having pleasure because they experienced so much suffering and still carry that trauma of that inside them.

In 2015 I had the pleasure of doing a private mentoring program with Avalon Darnesh, Creatress of ‘The Birth Blueprint‘ – an online course guiding women how to prepare for an orgasmic empowered birth. I supported her personally while she was bringing her incredible offering out into the world. She is a woman who has experienced orgasmic birth, and who has the passion to guide other women through what it takes to prepare for this natural and profound female experience.

In 2016 Avalon’s story got published by the Australian Women’s Weekly & went viral with The Huffington Post, Health Medicine Network & more.  The online comments were a combination of intrigued & inspired to condemning & abusive for speaking her story of having an orgasmic experience while giving birth.

To bring light to this discussion, I invited Avalon to do a video interview with me on this subject. In this video Avalon shares details of her orgasmic birth, and how it felt for her to see the wave of negative comments on the most sacred experience of her life.

Whether or not you are having a baby, the sharing here is relevant to your journey of birthing yourself as a woman and being inspired by what we are naturally designed to experience as women free to feel the full spectrum of our natural female sexuality.


Note: the information of ecstatic hormones as it relates to birth is from Dr Sarah Buckley’s research – who is also an Australian woman leading the way within the medical field as a doctor + a mother who has also experienced ecstatic home birth.


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  1. YUM… so many moments of goodness in this conversation! #ReGenesis3_16 May the wisdom be shared over and over again!

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