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Our environment affects us more than we know

What does this have to do with the practise of Tigress Yoga? Freedom, lifestyle choice & creating from your inner vision – rather than through your conditioning/ by default. When you become more free inside, this world becomes your playground. Your Creator Goddess aspect can come out and disturb the universe, at least enough to carve out your own way + contribute value to everyone around you.

Beauty is about creating a sensual environment to reflect your inner state. Why not surround yourself with what you love? Why not make even the smallest of things you own be beautiful and things that you love? You are free to be immersed in whatever is most nourishing to you. Do you want a sacred space at home that is just for you? Ask yourself for what you desire + make it happen.

And how is your external environment supporting your inner development? Is it time for you to expand your wings and have the fresh energy of creativity, innovation and spontaneity that travel can bring? Or is it time for you to ground, to build a strong base for yourself by creating a nourishing home and staying put? Allow the context and flavour of your external life to be in full support of your inner development. Don’t let your physical environment dictate your quality of life.

Beauty is not a shallow thing. It’s a reflection of our divine nature. And nature reflected in the divine. This includes surrounding yourself with who is most nourishing for you. For me it’s also a remembrance of my celestial origins. Who do you love sharing time with? Who/ what elevates you, appreciates you and really loves you? You will know who they are because they light up your heart. It’s not an effort to relate with them, it’s pure joy.

Sometimes the biggest challenge is in knowing what it is we do want. And the next challenge is getting stuck in the how. But you are a powerful woman who is here to leave this Earth even more beautiful than how you found it. The essence of you is bigger and more powerful than anything of this world that you think is holding you back, including money. How do you contribute to the daily feast of beauty for all our senses to come alive?

I believe it is our divine responsibility to create more love and beauty in this world. It’s the manifestation of our feminine essence. And that will look differently for each woman, thank God! Maybe you like pretty things with clean lines, maybe you like it real & raw. If you knew it were up to you to bring the presence of the goddess more into this world, what would you create? What colours, shapes, textures, design, atmosphere and environment lifts you up?

Do not think about how, just allow yourself to dream……..what makes you come alive? 

Are you living in the suburbs until your kids go to high school or until they leave home, while you dream of the life you really want? Sometimes there are things we need to commit to for the wellbeing of others, but there is always a way to bring more beauty into each day regardless.

Before I came to Melbourne I was living in the wilderness and really missed the rawness of nature while I was living inner city for 10 years. But I knew I also wanted to develop my work and build my community before I gave myself the travel freedom I was increasingly wanting. After establishing my business in Melbourne, it was truly time for me to return to nature and enter into a new digital nomadic lifestyle. My body told me she needed more replenishment of being in the beauty of nature and now almost every day I wake up to amazing jungle surrounds, as long as there’s good wifi!

Maybe you want diversity, such as 6mths in the city and 6mths travelling? Whatever turns you on, allow yourself to dream it in.

I love variety.  I love being in the city and I love living in nature. Why box myself into one place while I have the chance to do my work + explore the world?! Currently I am mostly in Asia to live & to work behind the scenes, I serve my coaching clients via Skype, and then I travel to Australia to offer live events. This means I get to thoroughly enjoy the city lifestyle when I’m there and I get to enjoy the vitality of living in places where my body can breathe more freely & deeply. It’s like being on a permanent holiday, especially because I love my ‘work’. I also get to feel the support of meeting like-minded people from all over the world, who are also doing the digital nomadic lifestyle.

Live a life of your own design. Because you can. Because your freedom is living inspiration to others. Because living from your soul is a gift to yourself, to everyone around you and to the planet. You are free!

You are a creator goddess


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