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This is just what we need ladies! A practical, fun & effective companion to truly Prioritise Your Pleasure (PYP).

For many years, I’ve been offering private sessions; helping people to become multi-orgasmic and to enjoy more empowered intimacy. Now that Tigress Yoga is set to take flight around the world, I no longer am able to offer lots of 1:1 sessions. So I’ve condensed that wisdom into PYP – the online course. It’s a living library of potent short courses that will continue to grow.

Here you will find teachings behind the Tigress Yoga practice, as well as practical methods to feel more pleasure in your daily life, in the comfort of your own home. With video, audio files, pdf’s + an online community to enjoy, PYP is here to support you being the sensual woman of your dreams!

It’s not just generic info you’ve heard before either – PYP shares real insights from a committed erotic explorer; a leader in feminine embodiment arts, who has years of professional experience in guiding women to enjoy deep, visceral embodied pleasure…….



x Dévashi



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