The Gift Of Jealousy

  Here I will share with you my #1 tip to transform your jealousy, a handy thing indeed! We all know this feeling as women – jealousy – not such a pleasant emotion to feel! It can show up as a hot or sharp bodily sensation followed by negative thoughts that make you and probably other people feel terrible too. Rather than overriding it by pretending it’s not happening or wishing it were different, there is another way. It’s truly effective AND it will bring you closer to what you really want in the situation. Not only do you want […] Read more »

Are You Locked Outside Your Own Temple?

  Often women sense what this means, even if they haven’t heard it before. It’s a painful place to be indeed. It’s heartbreaking. And often we blame others for this nourishment we are not receiving from within. Do you recognise any of the following going on for you?   image from tumblr Symptoms of being locked outside your own temple:   * ability to appear feminine on the outside, but not experiencing it inside * disconnection during sex with your busy mind * feeling flat after orgasm/ no orgasm * jealousy and rivalry with other women * insecurity, self judgement […] Read more »

Falling Into Love Itself

You are not my everything. And I cannot be your everything either. I don’t want that kind of pressure, and neither do you. by truly loving me – staying attuned to my own vulnerabilities, instead of feeling victim to or criticising yours, as we open our hearts into Love itself, together. Maybe in this wild loving friendship, a true and real, deep partnership will emerge – one where mutual appreciation births our own internal standards & compass, because our shared path begins from within, rather than being moulded by conformity. I understand that my wholeness is a space that only […] Read more »

Your Creative Edge

  This isn’t for everyone. It’s for women capable of being creative visionaries in their own right…..and Tigress Yoga is definitely known to be a birthplace of new creative ideas and career changes for our students. The richness of your inner world emerges from the depths and uniqueness of your soul’s light. This is your creative edge. It’s risky, it’s rarely comfortable, yet it’s exhilarating, and born from within. There‘s plenty of social pressure today to attain (or just project) expert status pretty much from the start. The richest rewards though, are in diving deep into your own creative well. […] Read more »

To Vibrate Or Not To Vibrate – that is the question

a scene from the film, ‘Hysteria’ The film ‘Hysteria’ is one of my all-time favourite movies, for reasons beyond it being known to tell the story of the first invention of the vibrator. I highly recommend seeing it if you haven’t already. It is written, directed & produced by women. It contains sophisticated levels of important themes and didn’t at all get the credit it deserved as a big budget film. What I love most is how it conveys that true pleasure or fulfilment for a woman is found in being desired for the embodiment of her liberated soul. And […] Read more »

Owning Your Value

image from Pinterest There are so many moments and times in our lives when commitment to ourselves (or not) is something that rules us, whether we like it or not. On a personal level it’s often formed in silent conversations with ourselves that no one else even knows about. If you are finding that what you long for is difficult to get off the ground, keep reading. If there is a long time between conceiving an idea and having it manifest; then it’s likely you don’t have a sufficient amount of personal power. When we keep our agreements to ourselves, […] Read more »

Awakening The Tigress

Want to feel like you are walking around in golden boots, harnessing your tigress wisdom?  There is a new evolution in women’s work arising from the deep, and thank the gods for that because I’ve become very bored of the same old way of processing things. And having to listen to it. It says something about how long I’ve been in this field for, as I’ve been actively exploring women’s circles & have been involved in such communities since I was age 17 (that’s nearly 20 years ago). The newness I am referring to is exciting, fresh, truly empowering and […] Read more »

Their Resistance To Your Radiance

 image from tumblr. You may not be getting around with your dress up over your head, I would never assume such things about you! Though you have been exploring your sexual vitality & you feel a new level of empowerment and confidence, that is often met with resistance from others. Women think you are trying to take their men, meanwhile you are just showing up in who you are, because you refuse to hide any longer that you are alive & awake as a sexual being. You enjoy the attention you are experiencing because for so long you didn’t feel […] Read more »

Desire = Identity

Desire. Why is it important? (aside from the obvious) What we desire as women, and where we desire from defines the circumstances of our lives. How we feel about ourselves and our lives has a very strong connection with our desire. What we say yes to is a statement of what we are willing to accept, of what we want and desire for ourselves. It’s a statement to others of who we are and an indication of who we think we are. It is said that the female psyche is externally motivated. It means the need for external validation is a […] Read more »

Yoga Was For Men, Not Women

Yoga – Circa – 1972 via Rebelle Society Amongst serious yogis, it is known that yoga was about bringing mind + body into alignment for meditation. What is lesser known, is that what Western people consider to be ‘real traditional yoga’ is itself an adaption from its original essence. And in those early yoga schools, exclusive people such as the men of royal families got exposure to it, rather than the general population. And women were generally not invited. Instead women had their own domain such as mothering and taking care of a household. Established spiritual lineages and it’s practices […] Read more »