Honest Sharing from a South Yarra Tigini

The goddess doesn’t enter us from outside; she emerges from deep within.
– Marianne Williamson

donna-bowen-tigress-yoga-instructorTigress yoga offers every woman from all backgrounds and ages the key to unlock herself from looking outside for nourishment and love. This fluid sensual form allows her light to shine bright from within.

For me, the practice of coming to my mat is communing with my spirit and female life force, Shakti. Tigress yoga allows me to strengthen my connection with myself and all of life in a very tangible way. Feelings of disconnection, isolation and confusion do not come to the party as often as they used to. Taking them off the invite list through the consistent practice of tigress yoga had created a stronger sense of self. I know my centre more often then not and I recognise the wobble when it happens. Everyone around me benefits from this anchoring to my core. I know my ‘no’ so I can celebrate my true ‘yes.’

What I adore about sharing this practice, through my classes, is that it gives every woman permission and space to connect with herself without the expectation of it looking or sounding a particular way. There is encouragement and safety for opening to occur. There is a container of holding and acceptance for each woman to meet herself with where she is at. This space encourages a woman to really trust herself and her process. There is space to feel and acknowledge a woman’s inner world and for that to be met. Even and especially when it’s resistance, exhaustion or stress. There is freedom to explore and express sensuality and pleasure in the most innocent way.

This practice provides a very practical tool to reprogram the mind, body and spirit. The process itself promotes self-love and a cultivation of vitality. The gold here is that it is accessible to all women and you can all take it for yourselves outside of a guru or a man. The responsibility is yours alone to adorn your inner temple and Tigress Yoga™ simply offers a way in.

by Donna Bowen
Tigress yoga Instructor


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  1. Danni says:

    Very inspiring and motivating words Donna. Thanks for sharing with us in such a articulate and clear manner. 🙂

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