Welcome to new instructor, Claudia Schilling!


I love that Claudia is in our Tigress teaching team. With a background in martial arts, psychology & IT, Claudia brings a great understanding of what it’s really like to make the transition into becoming more connected to her womanliness in this world.

Our national team is beginning to spread out and become more active in various parts of Australia. It’s so exciting that Claudia will be teaching in areas out of Melbourne city, near Kyneton, Castlemaine, Bendigo etc, where women have not had access to Tigress Yoga classes before. Fantastic!

Claudia speaks a little about the effects Tigress Yoga has had on intimacy in her marriage and in her life while she is taking this journey to deepen her connection to the power of the feminine in her body.


xx Dévashi


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  1. Denise Healey says:

    Claudia thank you for your explanations as it is time for women to be able to be who they are truly meant to be and not covered up through the old conditioning of the past. This year I have found my heart opening to allow the feminine in through “The Journey” work with Brandon Bays and Tigress yoga and your words so resonate with my continuing journey into all that is feminine which had been so shut down all my life. There were times escape would come forward to be shut down by old patterns and conditioning.
    I live in Castlemaine and so look forward to your classes.

    • Dévashi Shakti says:

      Hi Denise
      thanks for sharing – I learnt with Brandon Bays years ago as well + I know that Claudia & Jane will love sharing the Tigress arts with you in Castlemaine soon 🙂

  2. Kirstan Flannery says:

    Claudia, it’s so wonderful hearing how present you are to the variety of changes and benefits this gorgeous practise has offered you and your life!! Thank you for sharing so openly about your own personal journey. Such a joy to listen to! xx

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