Instructor Interview with Atira Tan

Atira is another Instructor who has already been teaching Tigress Yoga for a while. She was in the original small group of students who felt dedicated and devoted enough to this practice to approach me about becoming a teacher. My experience with that initial group helped me create what is today the official Tigress Yoga Teacher Training program. And Atira is now one of the Supervisors who helps new Instructors to get ready for teaching their classes 🙂

With an abundance of qualifications and prior experience as a facilitator, Atira also brings a fun & lively energy to our tribe of women. Her commitment to Tigress Yoga is very clear and having been a teacher of Hatha Yoga for many years, she really appreciates the difference, of how this practice supports women in such a unique way.

Atira is also the Director of the Art to Healing Project, which is a non profit organisation to assist women and girls who have been rescued from sex slavery in Asia & the Pacific.

In this video Atira shares about how Tigress Yoga has impacted her personally and how she sees it being of benefit to others.

We love you Atira xo



xx Dévashi


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