Instructor Interview with Donna Bowen


I hope you enjoy this interview I did with Donna recently, she’s one of the original Tigress Yoga Instructors from inner city Melbourne. Donna offers classes on the south side of town, in Prahran & soon also in Melbourne city. She can also sometimes be found at Lululemon in Prahran offering free Tigress Yoga classes in the shop there after hours.

Donna has a background in dance, martial arts, coaching & reiki. She’s now working in the corporate world, which she has bravely dived into with the intention to learn how to keep her feminine body alive while in that environment. Go Donna!

This beautiful young Tigress Yogini has been very dedicated to her own growth,  she has much to share with other women, particularly those who feel confronted or a little afraid of what Tigress Yoga might be about and how it could impact you. I know you’re out there beautiful women, because frequently I hear from those of you who tell me that you’ve been on the sidelines for 6 months to a year or more before mustering the courage to say “ok yes! I”m booking in, I’ll come to a workshop/ class & find out more about what’s really going on for me inside!”. What a brave & wise decision it is, one you will never regret.



xx Dévashi

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